WoT Supertest – Somua SM (UPDATED)

Once again, the Somua SM will be a guest of the Supertest, this time with some slight alterations.

Tier: HT-VIII, France
HP: 1 450
Max. speed forwards/backwards : 45 / -20 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 32 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 26 °/s
View range: 370 m

Hull armor: 140 / 90 / 70
Turret armor: 120 / 60 / 60

Gun: 100 mm SA47

Damage: 300 / 300 / 400
Penetration: 232 / 263 / 50
Clip reload speed: 37 s
Intra-clip speed: 2,25 s
Clip side: 5
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim time: 2,4 s

Armor schematics:

More pictures:



22 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Somua SM (UPDATED)

  1. Yeah, another power creep for the AMX 50 100, this this has fucking 140mm armor and 90mm sides, even more than 50B and AMX 50 120, not to mention the -10 degrees gun depression


    1. 50 100 was never about the armor, nor was it a brawler. It’s a paper support HT. Speed and burst damage is the only two things it has. And Power to weight on this will be to low to keep up with that. Nor do you see many 50b’s going front first on the HT line. And the 50 100 just got a gun depression buff. It’s not -6 anymore.


      1. Unfortunately you very rarely see people utilizing the speed of the 50-hundo to flank enemy tanks, unload, and bail. This thing is WG pandering to the shit tactics that people often use. Every tank they have released recently is pandering to this play style…heavy armor, up front pen, no thought involved, Error 404-tactics not found.


  2. another auto loader that makes EVERY single shot tank redundant and useless. good job killing the game WG. I guess you see the end is nigh and your going to milk the cash out of as many people with OP tanks while you can.


    1. Hmm, no. Auto loaders especially the French take A lot of skill to master and play very well. A single shot tank is way easier to play and master.


      1. You dont understand the game. While you are right that auto loaders (especially with long clip reload) are harder to master, they are even harder to play against. Every fucking moron in a AMX50 100 can ruin your game and there is nothing you can do about in an IS3 or KT, while that 44%er still only averages 1300 DpB in that t8 heavy with an auto loader and you do 2K+ on avg.

        And that is one of the main reasons that the WTF100 was finally removed – should have never made it into game to begin with. It’s just a prime example of WGs incompetence or unwillingness to balance this game.


    2. So you are saying that every autoloader power creeps every single single-shot tank in its tier ? A 50b and kranvagn and t57 heavy power creeps a Maus and obj 907/ 140 because they have autoloaders and they don’t ?

      An Emil 1 and 50100 powercreeps an is 3, defender and patriot ? Is that what you are trying to say ?


  3. This is why I didn’t buy the M4 49 Liberte. I just knew WG would add a french autoloader HT, this is going to be their cash cow for a long time.


    1. It’s what? over a year since they first tested it. So it’s not like it’s around the corner. And even so. Unlike the Russian medium spam etc. It’s not like the French has much variation to begin with. The current French HT crew trainer is more a medium then anything. And not to my style. Thus why I have not bought it. This will be.


    1. Sure!

      For starters, I am doubtful that these are *all* of the changes. Maybe they are–in which case, the naysayers aren’t considering a lot of factors.

      Lorraine 40t’s only comparison for speed is the yet-unreleased Edelweiss and the now-rare M41 90 GF. It is not only the fastest tier 8 medium by top speed, but also with its superb hp:ton and soft stats. Only the higher top speed and lower terrain resistances really differentiate it from the M41 90 GF, as the hp:ton is basically identical. Plus, it has average (comparable with a T-44) view range and camouflage values, so it’s a very decent spotter if you choose to use a net and binocs.

      In this sense, it’s incomparable to the Somua. Somua is decently fast for a heavy, poor speed for a French heavy, and of no comparison to the Lorraine 40t.

      The Somua SM takes 1.5s longer to clip out, but the Lorraine 40t only clips out for 1200, while the Somua SM clips out for 1500. It should be noted that the aimtime and gun handling (on turret rotation) allow for the Lorraine 40t to wiggle in between shots, while the Somua SM will not be able to if it wants to clip out in the 9 second period, despite the 0.3 faster aimtime. It MUST be noted that the SM may drop 1200 damage in 6.75s, shorter than the reload time of an *average* tier 8 medium, so long as it does not have BiA or food. Lorraine must take or dodge a hit from an average tier 8 medium if it wants to drop 1200 damage.

      Clip reload speed at the 1200 damage mark is about the same, so a Somua SM will drop as much damage safely as an unsafe Lorraine 40t vs mediums.

      If the plate the gun is resting in is 120mm, then the turret is about 200mm vs AP. It’s quite good–if you are at a distance, most mediums will not be able to pen you, even if only because the turret is rather short. The UFP is quite competent as well and will serve when there is no hard cover, provided you are angled properly and the hard cover is some form of vertical wall.

      Lorraine 40t, by comparison, is completely unarmored. Even an AA autocannon would take it to bits.

      Finally, it should be noted of the expected gameplay, of the whole package.

      In all respects, the Lorraine 40t is an unarmored and average tier 8 medium, with a good 50~100 extra horsepower for its weight class. It is well designed, the suspension was specifically tuned by WG to provide one of the steadiest firing platforms I’ve ever used in WoT (seriously, try to make the tank rock!), and provides a very small turret profile when hulldown aside from the cupola. It is, more or less, an American tank with a stretched hull and the French 100mm SA47 that we’ve come to enjoy on similar French vehicles, and an autoloader. It exists to provide firesupport for similarly specced mediums and lights, allowing weaker flanks to even the odds if they isolate the enemy well.

      The Somua SM, on the other hand, is a rather poorly armored heavy. The gun is average, almost perfectly average, and the turret traverse rate is directly comparable to Lowe’s. Even AMX M4 turns the turret faster. Combined with the low accuracy of 0.40, it is made apparent of the Somua SM’s role: to fire upon reloading enemy heavies, to harshly punish those that push too far or isolate themselves. It will clip out any heavy in tier that has been damaged by an ally. It does not have the turret traverse rate or accuracy or even aimtime to shoot at moving or far away targets, despite having the gun depression and turret size to otherwise bias such an engagement in its favor.

      Provided that you use the tanks in their intended role–as fire support–you will always see success. The clip size is huge relative to the HP pools at tier, the gun’s overall accuracy is adequately specced for their tasks.


      1. Wow, I honestly did not expect such a well made, deeply detailed comparison, I appreciate the amount of work you have put into it!
        So, if I understand it right, the Somua SM basically just has one shell more compared to the Lorrie and that exhausts all of its pros.
        I already have a Lorrie, your comparison saved me from even thinking about this new frog tenk.

        Thank you very much, man!


        1. Not just one more shell, but a faster aimtime and a faster clipout to go with it. It will drop 300 more damage in the same relative span of time, provided that the Somua SM can stay safe in doing so. Basically, while it does have more DPM, it’s because its targets have more health to chew through. It does not have the flexibility nor safety nor speed like the Lorraine 40t does.

          ‘Better 50 100’, have clearly never played the 50 100. I haven’t either, to be honest, not even on test or on other accounts–but I’ve played the 50 B and I’ve done clanwar strats for the 50 100. Clip size, clip size, clip size is the name of the 50 100’s game, and that’s just not what the Somua SM exists to do, and worse yet will find pain for it–1800 clip will murder anything in tier, will allow for averages. 1500 won’t, especially with the extra derp 0.4 accuracy!


  4. Does anyone else remember when a new premium tank was big news? We had the regular tech tree premiums and a couple times a year the kv5 bundles. Now they are pumping out these money grabs like a whores servicing johns. I know that they are a business,but they were a business before the premium spam and were still doing good. Not going into tin hat mode or anything like that but seems very desperate times for wargaming. Even selling a preorder tank. This is my favorite game,and I refuse to support it because someone is taking the 💰 and not running the company anywhere but the ground. Good thing I’m not a community contributor, because I would probably be getting threatened for saying anything that they don’t like. Also whatever happened to not having to wait for wargamings quarterly earnings statement to see whether we get equipment,crew training,camo etc sales?


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