Giulio Cesare: Stat Card & Pictures


12 thoughts on “Giulio Cesare: Stat Card & Pictures

    1. How do you people always come up with these mismatching comparisons? How does this look like an “up-gunned” Kongo?It has smaller guns and more armor.

      Gun layout and size is different for any other BB, armor is in middle ground (better than Kongo, worse than Konig) and speed is again in the middle ground (worse than Kongo better than Konig).

      The way i see it, it has more similarities with Nunkerque. A bit slower, a bit more armored and with more but a bit smaller guns. Still, not close enough though because of the gun layout.

      She’s unique. I like that.


  1. Why hello there Jules Cesar.

    Been looking forward to seeing this old lady for a while now, only question was which navy was she going to appear in in WoWS, seeing as she also served (for a very short time) in the Soviet navy.


  2. This thing will be so OP at T5, just like Nelson is OP at T7. Looks like a new policy to me. Release a ship in one tier lower than it should be….profit. Will be buying it nontheless.


  3. Looks good, but wonder how expensive it’ll be. For Roma, I probably would do it, unless the RM BB line was in the near future. But for this one, though interesting, it’d need to be really cheap. When they make every ship that is even a little interesting a premium, this is getting ridiculously expensive..


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