WoT Console – Update 4.0: War Stories

On WoT console, tomorrow comes the 4.0 update, with the „War Stories” PvE mode and the special map called Monte Rosa (Icebound) which was reworked a bit. The most modern graphics technologies were used in the making of this map. It also has machinegun nests and flames that increase the immersion.

Also, kudos to them for making minimaps as they should be.

Pics (patchnotes below):










Update Notes

Download Sizes

Xbox 360: 116MB Title Update + 1.81GB
Xbox One: 5.26GB
PS4: 4.88GB

New Features

  • War Stories: an all-new mode for World of Tanks Console
  • New Achievements and Trophies
  • New Map: Icebound
  • User generated tournaments (Xbox One only)


  • Full color mini-maps
  • Skoda T 40 added to the Tech Tree
  • Adjusted view and radio range modifiers by class on all extreme weather variants:

Light: 65%
Medium: 55%
Heavy: 50%
Tank Destroyer: 50%
Artillery: 50%

  • Hero Crews can now be customized
  • Improved AI bot movement to give player the right of way
  • Added visual improvements to the Garage
  • The following Xbox 360 tank models were optimized to reduce memory:

M51 Sherman
HMH: ISU-130
The Hidden StuG III
Rheinmetall Skorpion G
Panzer 58 Mutz
Black Prince
Centennial T95
FV4202 (P)
Tiger 131
FV201 (A45) Black Edition
Blitzen MTLS
Cruiser Mk. III
Cruiser Mk. II

  • Normalized voice-over assets for nation crew
  • Updated HUD icons for Team Training and Proving Grounds
  • Updated appearance of reel icons
  • Updated appearance of XP and Free XP icons
  • Updated server population icon
  • Added ability to unequip consumables from the main Supplies menu

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various environmental audio on the following maps:

Fisherman’s Bay
Liberty Falls
Thiepval Ridge
Ghost Town
Siegfried Line – War
Ravaged Capital

  • Fixed audio volume for tank scraping
  • Updated tank icons for Edelweiss and Nameless
  • Cycling post-mortem camera no longer plays explosion audio
  • Engine audio now correctly plays after repair
  • Fixed hearing unknown players talking
  • Garage audio no longer plays in Tutorials
  • Adjusted prominence/volume of rooster SFX on certain maps
  • Corrected and cleaned up minor localization errors/inconsistencies in all languages
  • Fixed radio name for the Rheinmetall Skorpion G
  • Fixed Store Celebration interface to display 12 or more pages (if needed)
  • Fixed Battle Results UI to display rare medals rewarded from Ops
  • Fixed Store Celebration UI to display exact item names purchased
  • Fixed Battle Results UI for the Rheinmetall Skorpion G to not block player names
  • Fixed tank reel icons of Nameless and Edelweiss to correctly match their tank models
  • Fixed UI for Free XP to Crew XP conversion for side panel to update correctly
  • Fixed a bug in Team Training rooms where bringing up the start menu would reset the screen
  • Added audio feedback for receiving rewards from watching tutorial videos
  • Large First Aid Kit now has a highlight during gameplay to convey its passive bonus
  • Fixed UI bug for Team Training rooms where button legend incorrectly references platoons
  • Localization: Fixed Arabic text scrolling incorrectly on certain screens
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue seen when switching back to a permanent emblem from a temporary emblem
  • Fixed instances of “Convert All” button text being cut in Russian and other languages
  • Fixed instances of 0% Discount Tags on the UI of Store
  • Fixed UI bug of Premium vehicles benefits overlapping benefits description
  • Fixed a bug with Crew Customization where selecting a portrait from page three can cause odd behavior with national voice selection

Vehicle Bugfixes

  •   Waffenträger auf Pz. IV: Fixed suspension visuals
  •   SU-18: Fixed treads clipping into wheels
  •   Freedom: Added missing flag
  •   Nameless: Fixed floating turret when ammo racked
  •   Panzer 58 Mutz: Fixed sniper cam and destroyed state
  •   Rheinmetall Skorpion G: Fixed sniper cam
  •   Crusader: Fixed MoE decals
  •   BT-2: Fixed sniper cam
  •   T-34/100: Fixed sniper cam

Map Bug Fixes

  • Airfield – War:
    Added audio for the bombers flying overhead
  • Arctic Region – Summer:
    Updated physics regions to prevent access to restricted areas
  • Ardennes:
    Corrected audio for the wind ambiance
  • Ardennes – Summer:
    Adjusted terrain to prevent tanks from getting stuck
  • Caen:
    Adjusted props and scaling
    Adjusted and added rocks to prevent tanks from getting stuck
    Adjusted physics regions to prevent access to restricted areas
    Replaced minor art assets to reduce memory
    Adjusted map audio ambiance
  • Ensk – War:
    Added audio for the bombers flying overhead
  • Kasserine:
    Adjusted and added rocks to prevent tanks from getting stuck
  • Komarin – Rain:
    Adjusted lighting to improve performance
  • Liberty Falls:
    Fixed the water depth in the mini-map
  • Northwest:
    Adjusted terrain to prevent tanks from getting stuck
  • Ravaged Capital:
    Removed instances of German road signs
    Added physics regions to prevent access to restricted areas
    Adjusted terrain to remove gaps between objects
    Added environment audio
  • Redshire:
    Added physics regions to prevent access to restricted areas
    Added audio for the moving river water
  • Ruinberg – War:
    Added physics region to prevent access to restricted areas
  • Sand River:
    Adjusted terrain to prevent tanks from getting stuck
    Added physics regions to prevent tanks from accessing unfair advantage spot