Pictures from Polish Army Day 2017

Sent by our reader, Gott und Herrscher. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Pictures from Polish Army Day 2017

    1. 1. Leo2 was design in 60s when nobody cares about angling, as HEATs were the main treat – as ERA [reactive armor] was still just a concept and not tested yet. Also 120mm+ monoblock tungsten sabots goes through armor like a hot knife through a butter, not caring about angle at all [almost no chance of ricochet for APFSDS ammo]

      2. Leopard 2 a1-a4 have some funny armor design with holes:
      The idea is that when any part of the steel penetrator hits a hole, that part of the penetrator will travel faster than the rest of the penetrator that has struck the hard steel. What this creates is a warping of the steel penetrator where its energy isn’t properly directed to its intended point. This hard-soft method was intended to displace the energy of the rods/jet from its intended direction.
      After this hole-layer lies the armor like this :
      It is kinda angled, but it is designed mostly to defeat HEAT warheads, and angling is just a way to add extra thickness but still maintain space armor inside.

      3. 2a5 [and later] also have “unangled” turret, it is a normal 2a4 turret with extra appliqué space armor :
      So it is mainly another empty space added in front of normal turret.

      So looks that leo2 is mainly armored with air :D Probably that’s why it is one of best tanks worldwide so far.


  1. The first image is Rak 120mm Mortar. And for 2 minutes I was like: “OK, the name says it is a mortar. But I don’t see any guns on this vehicle.” And when I saw it is elevated at 90 degrees I was (of course): fml


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