WoWS Info – 19th August 2017

Source: WG

ST, IFHE changes.

The penalty to firing chance changes with caliber now. It is set to -1% for light calibers up to 139 mm, and to -8% for the rest. This change should make IFHE more viable on DDs and reduce its excessive performance on some cruisers. In case the change is adopted, IFHE is automatically reset for 4 skill points.

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for IJN DDs (km).

Minekaze 2,22
Kamikaze 2,22
Mutsuki 2,22
Shiratsuyu 2,49
Akatsuki 2,75
Hatsuharu 2,49
Kagero 2,55
Akizuki 2,39
Yugumo 2,62
Shinonome 2,62
Fubuki 2,62
Shimakaze 2,83

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for USN DDs (km).

Nicholas 2,49
Farragut 2,83
Mahan 2,98
Sims 2,83
Benson 2,75
Black 2,75
Fletcher 2,75
Gearing 2,83

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for VMF DDs (km).

Gremyashchy 2,66
Podvoisky 2,95
Okhotnik 2,48 
Gnevny 2,67
Ognevoy 2,95
Leningrad 2,88
Minsk 2,95
Kiev 3,53
Tashkent 3,73
Udaloy 3,33
Grozovoy 2,9
Khabarovsk 4,06

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for USN and IJN cruisers (km).

Marblehead 6,87
Omaha 6,87
Cleveland 6,71 
Indianapolis 7,26
Pensacola 7,32
Flint 4,6
Atlanta 4,6
New Orleans 6,62
Baltimore 7,18
Des Moines 8,18
Furutaka 6,92
Aoba 6,79
Myoko 7,6
Mogami 6,79
Atago 6,66
Ibuki 7,18
Zao 7,18

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for VMF and KM cruisers (km).

Krasni Krym 6,62
Murmansk 6,58
Kirov 8,01
Adm. Makarov 5,99
Molotov 7,12
Budeny 6,58
Schors 6,72
Kutuzov 7,72
Chapaev 6,66
Donskoy 9,69
Moskva 12,66
Konigsberg 5,99
Nurnberg 6,13
Yorck 8,33
Graf Spee 9,47
Prinz Eugen 9,13
Hipper 8,49
Roon 8,65
Hindenburg 10,17

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for British, French and Italian cruisers (km).

Emerald 5,4
Leander 4,6
Perth 4,5
Fiji 5,4
Edinburgh 5,52
Belfast 5,28
Neptune 6,58
Minotaur 5,4
Emile Bertin 6,16
La Galissonniere 6,72
De Grasse 6,72
Algerie 8,18
Charles Martel 8,03
Saint Louis 9,13
Henri IV 11,54
Duca d’Aosta 5,77

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for KM and other DDs (km).

T-22 2,26
Ernst Gaede 2,83
Maass 2,9
Z-23 2,98
Z-46 2,83
Z-52 2,9
Blyskawica 2,78
Anshan 2,73
Lo Yang 2,75
Gallant 2,43

ST, smoke firing detection range – test values for BBs (km).

Kongo 14,17
Fuso 17,3
Mutsu 16,51 
Nagato 16,7
Amagi 16,9
Izumo 19,21
Yamato 19,27
Okt. Revolutsiya 10,47
Warspite 13,03
Texas 13,99
New York 13,99
Arizona 12,47
New Mexico 12,31
Colorado 16,19
Alabama 15,64
North Carolina 15,1
Missouri 15,64
Iowa 15,64
Montana 17,38
Kurfurst 17,79
Fr.d. Grosse 16,77
Tirpitz 15,05
Bismarck 15,05
Scharnhorst 11,68
Gneisenau 14,33
Bayern 12,7
Koenig 11,24
Dunkerque 14,2
Hood 14,89

ST, Radar changes.

Radar range on RN and USN ships now varies based on target class. VMF Radar hasn’t been changed. Thus, USN cruisers receive a direct buff by additional cruisers, battleships and CVs spotting. RN cruisers, where Radar is a risky option, receive a better balanced choice.



27 thoughts on “WoWS Info – 19th August 2017

    1. No love for WoT? WG will talk about WoT at gamescom. The question is why is there no love for WoW(arplanes). It isn’t mentioned in the gamescom schedule. I know, it’s dying but they can at least try to give it a bit love

      Liked by 1 person

    2. WoWS gets all the updates?!?! Take me to your universe because in mine WoWS feels like it gets updated like once a year….


  1. the only 2 cruisers that are excessively OP with IFHE are kutuzov and belfast.
    what to do?? lets go full retard and nerf all other light crusiers because we released 2 OP as fuck premiums.
    great job WG, great fucking job indeed


    1. Well that radar change is a slight nerf to Belfast … it also will be spotted from 3 km further away while smoke spamming.
      Given that WG tends to never ever nerf Prems i´d say thats quite the welcome change.


  2. Once again cruisers get nerfed to death while the retard BBs still one shot everything from max range good job WG


      1. In WoWS everyone uses USN classification of hulls.
        DD — destroyer.
        CA/CL — heavy/light cruiser
        CV — carrier
        BB — battleship

        the more you know


  3. Its kinda enjoyable to witness the “heart surgery by sledgehammer” solution that WG chose for IFHE just to not adress the premium elephants in the room, belfast and kutuzov. The only nation whose cruisers profit are Germans because of the innate IFHE they got a few patches ago. Meanwhile in tiers 5-7 where most CLs are, most BBs can lolcitpen you from the front…..


  4. They should really keep the premiums and standards that rely on IFHE as they are now except from Belfast and Kutuzov They need miras specially the first being totally OP as it is a tier 8 with the great mm of a tier 7 They should move her up a tier or change the upgrades slots to fit tier 7, 9,9 is good enough for a tier 7 CL that even has smoke, or my favorite idea Smoke or Radar You are the nightmare of BBs or the same fro the DDs but not both I’m a Belfast owner and I find that they should change her. Is just too damm OP for a tier 7


  5. Well IFHE will be useless except for on the Atlanta :) glad to see they thought so far ahead. Might as well just remove the skill completely I mean whose taking that skill for 4 points to nerf their fire chance by 8% that is way too much of a penalty also it will just promote more BBs camping bow in cause they don’t need smoke to hide cause they have nerfed almost everything else to counter that sort of gameplay. Glad to see WG looking after the lowest skilled players ;)


  6. My thoughts on these possible changes:

    Radar: I play cruisers mostly and I feel that radar is a little too overpowered. I think the current detection range should be where cruisers are detected while the DDs should be .5-1.0 km less, BBs and CVs could be 1.0-2.0 km more.

    Smoke: I like the idea, but I think the detection range for cruisers and BBs is too much. This would cause BBs to push up even less than they do now and eliminate an element of team play from the game. Also, does this have an effect on secondaries? If not, you would be giving a boost to German BBs over others.

    IFHE: Too much of penalty for cruisers, maybe make it 4% or 5% max. Fine with the DD option, although I doubt many players would use it still. The only way this change makes sense to me is if there is a plan to increase the max skill points captains can earn.


  7. come on, really? -1% vs -8% are you serious WG? this is LOGICALLY STUPID. . this doesnt make any sense. at least -1% vs -4% which is understandable.
    so what WG saying is smaller caliber shells can cause more FIRE than larger shell caliber?


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