Wargaming & VRTech Collaboration Announced


Wargaming and VRTech will develop entertainment programs for VR rooms.

Wargaming announced recently the beginning of cooperation with the Moscow studio VRTech, specializing in virtual reality technologies. The partnership will combine VRTech’s technical solutions with Wargaming’s experience in game design and visual effects. The companies intend to submit a number of joint projects on the introduction of VR gaming entertainment in the European market.

“The virtual reality of a new level for the rooms opens new directions for the development of our business, allowing us to create a successful and scalable model,” says Alexander Zezyulin, COO of Wargaming’s R&D division. – The new partnership will help us change the perception of virtual reality by the audience. We will show that VR can be not a one-time fun activity and entertainment of the highest level, but the ability to enjoy it again and again.”


“We are delighted to be Wargaming’s strategic partners,” says Yury Krylov, VRTech’s CEO. “Together we can change the VR market. We invite business owners and companies from all over Europe to join our cooperation. ”

VRTech and Wargaming will hold an European presentation of the CinemaVR and PolygonVR technologies created by VRTech at Gamescom 2017.

VRTech is a developer of solutions for CinemaVR and PolygonVR. In December 2016 the company launched its own network of VR rooms. Currently, VRTech special halls are available in more than 20 cinemas and malls of Russia’s largest cities.