No Free Tank in 2017

UPDATE: According to the Minsk Insider, the tank turned out too OP and Wargaming did not foresee it… It was a bit worse than Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J apparently.

Bad news arrive from our Russian colleagues. Wargaming, for the first time in 5 years, on the seventh birthday of World of Tanks, will leave everyone without a gift tank! We all expected the T-29 (Soviet tier 3 premium medium). Tanks given the last years in August:

2013 — LTP.
2014 — Type 97 Te-Ke.
2015 — BT-7 artillery.
2016 — T-45.
2017 — nothing.

Bonus pic from RU community:

PS: I just hope they will give us the Ke-Ni Otsu instead. It’s in the game files since a very long time and WG did not use it for anything so far.


76 thoughts on “No Free Tank in 2017

  1. I hardly see it even remorely close of the PzIIJ, but hey! Good thing the actually rebalanced it to make it “decent but not OP” on release….

    Oh wait.

    Meanwhile, the T-45, T2 LT, Pz S35 and T-127 are on sale for years now. Wtf.

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    1. T 45 is not for sale and neither of those tanks are OP. M2 LT is way more OPthan T2 LT and it’s a regular tech tree tank. Get your facts straight and stop flinging dirt everywhere cause you dinged on them for not shooting weakspots. That’s why we get Defender and Patriot. Because of whiny players like you.


      1. Dude wtf.

        The T2 LT, even if inferior to the M2, is still nasty. I never said I was angry dinging them, I own them all and I can say by experience they are exceedingly powerful.
        For the T-45, I wrote it a bit quickly so I will flagellate myself for that terrible mistake. Kek.

        And stop smoking weird stuff, I never said I approved the Defender and Patriot. I don’t even see the correlation. Stop bitching for nothing.


      1. The dispersion values have a big influence as well. Besides of the 20,5% better aimtime, it comes with 24% better dispersion values. A good mobility while this vecile has 28 tons weight at Tier 3 (so the most heavy tank at Tier 3) with 30mm hull armor.

        I just wounder why WG not have noticed that before they designed that tank. But don’t see any problem in fucking up some stats so he would fit again without beeing a problem.


        1. That 30mm of armor were only one bar on the LFP and the driver hatch, and they were flat 30mm. The rest of the tank was around 20mm, which means any decent tier III will be able to pen it with no real problem.


        2. And this clearly shows why Murazor and his balancing buddies are retarded. They tested the T-29 in supertest for months and they realise now that it’s OP? Also why not rebalance and release the damn tank like it was planned?

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        1. I guess everyone and their mother who wanted to get the rare tanks have already bought the BT-SV and the Pz II J so now those stupid bundles aren’t selling that well and they needed a new OP tank to increase the sales.


  2. Yea, not that surprising..The OP factor, I mean.

    Well, WoT does not really need a another broken low tier tank, especially not a free one.


  3. Dev1-We made the gift tank TOO good, what should we do?
    Dev2-Nerf it? Put it a tier higher?
    Dev3-Not release anything free?
    Dev1-Dev2, you are fired! Dev3, you got a promotion.

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  4. why the fuck can’t they just CHANGE THE FUCKING STATS TO MAKE IT NOT OP ?!?!?
    so do it!
    jesus christ….


  5. “PS: I just hope they will give us the Ke-Ni Otsu instead. It’s in the game files since a very long time and WG did not use it for anything so far.”

    This statement is flawed. It was on sale by mistake for a few hours a long time ago, a few people actually noticed and bought it and it’s one of the most OP tier 3’s, as stated by wargaming stat analasys because of avredge winrate and they said they will not re-release it ultil rebalance.


    1. I think you’re mixed up with the SU-76i, which wasn’t actually in the game files before being sold that long. Ke-Ni Otsu is a worse version of the tech tree Ke-Ni light tank that was never released in any shape or form.

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      1. Nope. Do a little reasearch for yourself. There was even an article on ftr-news about it and the mistake they made. They might have nerfed it since then, but when it first came out by mistake it had 2000dpm and huge viewrange compared to other tier 3’s. Seriously search for the article.


        1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are mistaken.

          Ke-Ni Otsu was released, though. In World of Tanks Blitz. Not the PC version of the game. The information regarding the overpowered nature is correct, but it only applies to the Ke-Ni Otsu in Blitz. In PC, it is completely fine.


        2. >Wargamming >Nerfing a premium tank
          I also looked at ftr-news and found no mention of the Otsu being sold or OP at all. While the SU-76i articles are pretty damn easy to find.
          In fact, the only mentions of the Otsu I can find come from Blitz.


        3. Nope, you’re absolutely wrong. If it was out, I would have known and bought one. Ke-Ni Otsu is neither released nor overpowered. As others have pointed out, you’re thinking of the other game.


  6. Too OP? Too OP? Then Grostraktor and Toldi III are ultra OP in this case :D. Why oh WHY WG are you so f**ing braindead? You release Defenders, Chryslers and Patriots left and right and now you cannot release a big, slow paper armoured low pen tank, because it’s OP? … Well.. no comments then.

    P.S. In some of those last years we got even 2 free tanks, as usually WG gave one on the New X-Mas/New Year too. Only lately they got ultra greedy and started to give us nothing.


  7. Who cares about a Tier 3? Even beginners can pass this Tier fast, because its not worth staying there. Garage Slots were enough for free in the last month, so this is not a problem too.

    They stil have the chance to make a good special, so … lets see


    1. well, this one is russian premium med, meaning you can train your reussian med crews in it. this makes some games in lowtier worth your while, as the bonus-XPs you get for the lower tiers are just very nice. so all in all this gift tank would have lead to quite a high number of very expeirenced players tanking around with 5 skill crews and equipment in tier 3. not with the goal of sealclubbing but just for crew training. still the newer players would suffer.

      sure, this happens also with tanks like T-127, but it is only feasible for light crews, which are not half as widespread as crews for Object 140 and its brethren.


  8. If they would’ve had this mindset with premium tanks that they deem OP…but nooo…this would’ve been free and wouldn’t have made them money….WG lead devs & management logics!

    But heck, who cares about another tier 3 mediocre gift tank anyway….


      1. we get new T10 French td if we have old Foch in garage…..but we get to keep the old Foch that becomes premium “reward” or “gift”……..or am I wrong?


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