WoT – Developer Diaries : Rebalance of vehicles in 9.20 update

Most important stuff from the developer diaries (transcripted by Vladimir):

1. Foch (155) is our gift to those who ate a cactus.
AMX 50 Foch B – we’ll stick to such swapping mechanics in the future with all changes on tier 10, except for maybe some very toxic vehicles.
Lifehack: you should start grinding and buying the British FV215b now.

2. We decided not to mess around with the whole Soviet branch at once, we’ll look at how the updated 44/54’s behave and will decide after that whether or not we need to diversify the 62 and 140, and most importantly, what to do with the 430.
We’re not afraid of the 140 becoming more popular and displacing the 62.
If needed, we’ll change the T-62A.

3. Grille 15 – actually we could be ready to release one variant in 9.20 or the next version, but decided not to hurry. We want to test various variants of the Grille rework internally. But you shouldn’t expect a rebalance at least until New Year’s.

3.1 The players voted in the Top of the Tree special for the Grille 15, but the developers didn’t like that, so they simply removed it from the list, leaving only the two other tanks in it.

“In the current vote, the Grille 15 occupied the leading position a few days after the start. We do understand your desire to get it into your hangar, but at the same time do not want an increase in random battles of this vehicle. We’re currently uncertain about the future of this TD: anything could happen to it, from rebalance to replacement. Because of this, we decided to remove the Grille 15 from voting. The Object 268 and T110E3 will now compete against each other.”