WoT – Developer Diaries : Rebalance of vehicles in 9.20 update

Most important stuff from the developer diaries (transcripted by Vladimir):

1. Foch (155) is our gift to those who ate a cactus.
AMX 50 Foch B – we’ll stick to such swapping mechanics in the future with all changes on tier 10, except for maybe some very toxic vehicles.
Lifehack: you should start grinding and buying the British FV215b now.

2. We decided not to mess around with the whole Soviet branch at once, we’ll look at how the updated 44/54’s behave and will decide after that whether or not we need to diversify the 62 and 140, and most importantly, what to do with the 430.
We’re not afraid of the 140 becoming more popular and displacing the 62.
If needed, we’ll change the T-62A.

3. Grille 15 – actually we could be ready to release one variant in 9.20 or the next version, but decided not to hurry. We want to test various variants of the Grille rework internally. But you shouldn’t expect a rebalance at least until New Year’s.

3.1 The players voted in the Top of the Tree special for the Grille 15, but the developers didn’t like that, so they simply removed it from the list, leaving only the two other tanks in it.

“In the current vote, the Grille 15 occupied the leading position a few days after the start. We do understand your desire to get it into your hangar, but at the same time do not want an increase in random battles of this vehicle. We’re currently uncertain about the future of this TD: anything could happen to it, from rebalance to replacement. Because of this, we decided to remove the Grille 15 from voting. The Object 268 and T110E3 will now compete against each other.”


41 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries : Rebalance of vehicles in 9.20 update

  1. “3.1 The players voted in the Top of the Tree special for the Grille 15, but the developers didn’t like that, so they simply removed it from the list, leaving only the two other tanks in it.”


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    1. That’s democracy at its best! What people want the most gets removed form the choices. And then you get to choose between the crazy bitch or the retard pig clown…


  2. fuck WG. but especially fuck the WoT team
    what a bunch of retarded morons.
    sadly WoWs seems to go down the same route


  3. Dear Wargaming, that’s 7300 gold you owe me since I had FV4202 before the switch and couldn’t be bothered being your slave.


    1. caz if they were ganna do the replacement on 215b, most likely u can get a New tank AND the 215b. And WG said they don’t want see 215B on the tach tree.
      well even it’s hard to believe what WG said now :/


      1. I understand that but why FV215b specifically…there is zero indication it’s getting changed any time soon, the last thing being the spaced armor Conqueror renders from like an year ago.


        1. Mostly – people bitching, devs talking shit about the FV, the fact that the Chieftain exists in the game files (and consoles) and the supposed Super Conqueror.


  4. Wtf is this bullshit the grille 15 got nerfed hard and didn’t need it
    Now it’s not fun to play with the shitty dpm and they want to remove it?
    How about you deal with the retarded super heavies and nerf them to hell before touching the TDs that struggle on city maps and actually recquire skill and positioning

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      1. It’s pretty shit these days. It really has nothing over other TD’s apart from accuracy. And the situations where it can use it are rare and far in between.

        It should at the very least get fully rotatable turret, if it’s stats stay the same.


  5. Give M48 the M48A5 turret…..keeps the same hull. They cold have at lest give us the full M48A5. At lest for me it don’t feel right to have a incomplete M48A5


  6. does this mean that the FV215b will finally be replaced by the Chieftain? Here’s hoping.

    Wonder what will happen to the Grille 15, maybe give it a fully traversing turret off the arty Grille? Honestly don’t see anything innately wrong with the performance of the tank statistically tho. Could just be me tho… in saying that, tanks that need their models fixed are the T110 tanks that have the wrong hull (and the E5s cupola)


    1. There were rumours about an entire second heavy branch, which would have Chieftain at the top. FV215b is more likely to be replaced by the upgraded Conqueror.


  7. Swapping more Tier 10s? So the FV215b might [at this point, “will”] get swapped… what other tier 10 do you think they’ll swap out too? So only these “very toxic vehicles” are the only ones that won’t be disturbed, huh.

    Though why didn’t they just add an additional tier 10 like what they did over at the Chinese Heavy line? [add another tier 10 instead of removing and replacing]

    Wait, more changes for the Grille 15? What more do they wanna change…

    I also feel like the Obj. 430 been’s left in the dust.


  8. Fucking dickheads want to nerf the ISU.
    I will sell it if they nerf it.
    I am tired of grinding tanks. training crews and then getting fucked by WG


    1. Oh no, they are nerfing one of the most retardedly over-gunned vehicle in the game.
      Please remember to replenish lost water and minerals in your body when you cry, so you won’t dehydrate too much.


      1. Have you played it? Gun stats on paper are one thing, battlefield behaviour is other one. ISU’s gun is pure shit and that huge pen is the only redeeming factor of it being relevant. If they wanted to nerf it (pen), they should also buff accuracy and aimtime. Or they should rather nerf DPM or alpha…


  9. What’s wrong with the Grille, this tank became mediocre after its nerf.

    Now it has shitty dpm, shitty gun handling, still no armor, worse mobility, all it keeps is accuracy (cancelled by RNG and the terrible gun handling). It doesnt even have good camo to protect it.
    If they want to nerf it further while still buffing the russians some more there is no hope left for WoT.


  10. Just broke down and bought the FV215b so this is good news for me (had it unlocked forever). As for the the Grille 15, well, I tend to drive it like a TD, not a medium.


  11. 268 and e3 are in vote for ToTT?!

    When was this?!
    we had 140, then STRV month, and next month probably wz111 5a…
    When was this devs talking about – Grile had most votes… In STRV month? i dont remmember that…


  12. Grille was really good, now i dont drive it anymore because its less competetive against STRV or the new Foch. The Speed is the onliest one going for it – DPM, Camo and Armor are just bad.

    Would have been interesting what the plan with balancing. Maybe give it an Autoloader with 6 Shells like the new Foch? 🙂


    1. Maybe give it 17 cm gun of the JgPanzerE100 with 10 shot autoloader, 35 second reload and 1 second between shots. Also ammo price should be like 20 credits and you should GET money for repairing the tank instead of paying… Only then it could be balanced, right?


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