WoT ST – USA LT changes

A new proposal of a refreshed USA LT branch has hit the supertest. The T71 will be moved to form a separate autoloader branch, while the branch leading to the prototype Sheridan will get the T71E1 (aka T71 CMCD) instead.

The Bulldog will lose the 76 mm Gun T91E5 cannon.


12 thoughts on “WoT ST – USA LT changes

    1. I saw a suggestion a while back that had T71 CMCD (tier 7) lead into the M41 and T71 (tier 8) then the T71 lead into a T71 with 90mm autoloader and then into the TMG which was designed to have a 105mm autoloader

      Chances are it could be that


    1. Or T71s will lead be a link between the regular LT line and the autoloading line that includes T69, T54E1 and T57 HT.


  1. Most likely, but Wargaming tends to come out of left field like they did with Chinese TD’s recently.

    It’s also funny how many tech line are left to be implemented into the game, it’s mind boggling.


  2. Do anyone use the T91E5 on the bulldog now? Longer reload vs the T71, and thus in a one on one vs it. Bulldog won’t even start on the 2nd clip before the T71 has killed it with his 2nd clip. Even more the higher pen, the reload should be half if it was supposed to be “useful”. Tho the singe fire gun has 2400 dpm, so not complaining.


    1. Some people still do. Occasionally I come across Bulldogs that fire a bit too fast and retreat after a handfull of shells, so I assume they’re using the clip gun.


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