WoT ST – Turreted UK TDs

Some changes were made on the Supertest.


Turret traverse speed: 18 °/s
Max. speed: 52 / -20 km/h

Gun: 2-pdr AT Gun Mk. II (this might be a typo, but who knows yes it was a typo, look at the bottom of the article – it’s a new gun btw.)

Damage: 280 / 280 / 370
Penetration: 220 / 252 / 47
Reload speed: 7,8 s
Accuracy: 0,35
Aim time: 2,0 s
Gun depression: -10

FV4004 Conway

Turret traverse speed: 18 °/s
Max. speed: 50 / -20 km/h (from 35/-20)

Gun: B.L. 5.5-in. AT Gun

Damage: 600 / 770 / 770
Penetration: 260 / 200 / 70
Reload speed:: 14,4 s
Accuracy: 0,38
Aim time: 2,4 s
Gun depression: -10

FV4005 Stage II

Turret traverse speed: 16 °/s (from 12)
Max. speed: 50 / -15 km/h (from 35/-12)

EDIT: The Russian image this all was sourced from was a bit off, so here’s the translated one.


37 thoughts on “WoT ST – Turreted UK TDs

    1. You could play the War thunder fv4005, which has a fully traversable turret.

      Which btw the thing in real life could do


      1. Actually, we don’t know that. Even Listy said he’s not sure, and nobody is actually allowed to inspect the vehicle at the moment either.

        Plus, the thing probably would flip over from the recoil if it fired in any direction but forwards, that thing on the back is there for a reason.


        1. KV-2 with derp gun would flip on it’s side if it tried to fire the gun directly sideways, and yet it has 360 degree traversable turret and in the game it can fire at any angle.

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        1. Do you have any source for that? Because the last time I heard, nobody was sure as the documentation was vague about it.


    2. I went to shitbarn cuz I don’t want to grind another british masochists line I don’t want to experience the horrible grind to get to fv215b 120.


  1. Well Mr Conway just posted an image on the EU forum. More or less saying.. it’s a 32 pdr. That is getting an alpha buff. So I suspect it’s for everyone using it. Inc the CGC


      1. Great, while 180 degrees turret angle is a buff for the shit barn, they decided to nerf the remaining tanks with limited gun angle. So what? The FV4004 was already good enough with decent gun and fully rotated turret that made it one of finest TDs in tier 9, now with limited gun traverse, it will just become a worsen T30 with retarded speed, and Challenger now will be forced to stand far away if it don’t want to be killed quickly with that limited turret


        1. I think this limited turret traverse on the Challenger and Conway might only be for these new larger caliber guns, similar to the AMX ELC now how it has fully traversable turret on the 75mm but limited on the 90mm


  2. …not sure how to feel about WG giving massive depression buffs to so many tanks that obviously can’t realistically have it lately. Especially on FV4005 I can’t help but think it’s absolutely ludicrous, plus unneeded with the speed buff and now fully rotating turret?


  3. FV201 has the same gun as the TOG II, yet it is worse in pretty much all the ways it counts. The turret can be easily penned and the hull is a joke like all british armor. It should be buffed in terms of gun handling, DPM and turret armor.


  4. Is it known if the turret traverse “nerf” is only on these new larger guns for the Challenger and Conway? Similar to the AMX ELC now, where the 75mm has a 360deg turret rotation while the 90mm only has 30deg turret rotation

    And will the gun depression be buffed for all guns? or just these new ones?


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