War Thunder – Humble Bundle Promos

Humble Bundle has given us a nice promo on two War Thunder packs. Promo lasts for 3 more days.

SdKfz 140/1 Starter Pack 

2.99€, includes a seal clubbing AA SdKfz 140/1, 7 days of prem and 500 golden pigeons

Pacific Advanced Pack

21.49€, includes XP-38G Lightning, A6M5 Ko, the USA Pacific Campaign, Japanese Pacific Campaign, 30 days of prem and 5000 golden pigeons


7 thoughts on “War Thunder – Humble Bundle Promos

  1. >Humble bundle
    >21.49€ for digital goods created over 4 years ago

    I’ve seen deals where you had 1 year old AAA games for half that price.
    For 21€ on humble bundle, I would expect no less than multiple games and physical goods.

    Gaijin pls


  2. I`m getting the 3$ one. I`m gonna give WT another go (so sick of WoT and all the fake tanks).
    Might as well get a cheap premium, for starters.


      1. A somewhat related question: How often to events pop-out for Historical Battles?

        For instance, there are no such events running right now. Just those simulator battles and Enduring Confrontaion stuff.


        1. If I remember, every few months , but I am thinking there are many more than that, I am usually just grinding my lines, once you realize that you need to use your eyes to spot things and actually aim for weak spots (like in the old WOT days), the game becomes a lot of fun. Also learn the (BR) system so you don’t have a messed up line up.


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