WoT – War Stories : Legends #1


2 thoughts on “WoT – War Stories : Legends #1

  1. Why o why the tanks in all WG movies are so fast and furious? Swiftly moving, fast firing, impressive – but no way like the “crawling in sticky goo” tanks in the game.

    First WG had to admit that high resolution images in promos are over-detailed compared to what we get, now this constant lie.

    No, I like it, sure, make tanks move like that in the game, without broken tracks and unrealistic topples, or fucking tone it down a bit to the sticky crawling game reality.


    1. Agreed. They made a “movie” about an underpowered hero that would very rarely win in these situations, when flanked, against soviet tanks, and surprisingly enough never get shot in the weak spots that are obvious while in these videos. All shots were into the UFP instead of the turret face-which has the weaker armor.


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