Update 9.20 Preview

Update 9.20 is entering Supertest today, bringing a red-hot array of new features and adjustments. With it, we address your feedback on the stun effect, continue Tech Tree revision, add a 30v30 scenario for Random Battles, and unleash nine new Chinese TDs. While we’re still nailing down the final details, we’re eager to get you up to speed with the update, summarizing new features. Shall we proceed?

Supertests happen at the early stages of development—typically a month and a half before final release—and involve checking the changes of a new update and searching for the most critical issues before open testing. World of Tanks Supertests are divided into production tests (new maps, balancing vehicles, etc.), and version tests (the entirety of the update). Once Supertests are complete, Common Tests begin, available to all players interested in trying out new features.


Vehicle Rebalance

This time, we’re focusing on four national lines—Japan, France, USA, and USSR. The German tree is getting a few tweaks, too. As a follow-up to the comprehensive revision it received in early 2017, we’ll be working on combat parameters of the Maus, Mäuschen, and 8,8 cm pak 43 Jagdtiger.

Once we shared the first details on the upcoming vehicle rebalance on social media, they’ve become the most discussed 9.20 topic on World of Tanks forums. So instead of covering them as part of the 9.20 preview, we ran a standalone article on Tech Tree revision to explain the rationale behind the changes and address your questions. Head here for an in-depth overview.

SPG Improvements

The work on fine-tuning SPGs didn’t stop with 9.18. The team spent a few months analyzing your feedback and came up with a set of tweaks to improve the experience for players in arty and those fighting them.

The increased splash radius often resulted in confusing instances where you thought you were safe from an enemy SPG, laying low behind cover, but received damage regardless. To alleviate these issues, we refined the stun and damage calculation mechanic, adding an extra set of variable for shooting over obstacles:

  • Don’t worry about arty shells if the construction (destructible or indestructible) you use for cover is two or more meters thick and your tank stays completely hidden behind it. You’re safe there: if an SPG shoots, your tank won’t get stunned or damaged.
  • Tanks hiding behind a fence or a small house that are less than 2m thick will get stunned and receive the same amount of damage they would get if they were in the open.
  • There’s also a third scenario: while cover is thick (2+ meters), a vehicle isn’t fully hidden (think of any corner maneuver). In this case, the stun duration and damage depend directly on how exposed a tank is. Based on the sizes of the visible area, a vehicle can get:
    • 25% of the total damage and stun time
    • 50% of the total damage and stun time
    • 75% of the total damage and stun time
    • 100% of the total damage and stun time

Also, to provide you a full lowdown on your performance in a battle, the post-battle stats will now brief you on the total stun time you caused.

New Chinese TDs

Nine Chinese TDs are revving their engines, ready to hit the battlefield. Yes, we’re talking about the line that rolled out on Chinese servers a few months ago. We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re excited to make them available for all players. We’ll have more to share on each vehicle as we get closer to release, so stay tuned.

New Scenario for Random Battles

Have you ever wanted to test your mettle outside the 15v15 setup? Well, you’ll soon get your chance. Starting in 9.20, the game adds a new 30v30 “Grand Battle” mode with 60 players fighting over an all-new 1.4×1.4 “Nebelburg” map, created specifically for this scenario. Available alongside other Random Battles types, it’s exclusive to Tier X vehicles and follows the rules of Standard battles: capture an enemy base or destroy all opponents to secure victory. The number of SPGs is limited to four per side to ensure enjoyable experience for all vehicle classes.

Stay tuned for a detailed overview of Grand Battle with a closer look at Personal Missions available in it, medals and marks of excellence you can earn, and more. We’ll be looking into it with extra scrutiny in a separate article coming closer to 9.20’s release, so keep leaving us feedback and questions.

HD Models

Lastly, another 12 vehicles had their looks revamped in shiny HD:

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
M5A1 Stuart
Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)
Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D
VK 30.01 (D)
Matilda Black Prince
Churchill III


24 thoughts on “Update 9.20 Preview

  1. “Yes, we’re talking about the line that rolled out on Chinese servers a few months ago. We know this is something you’ve been asking for, ”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but nobody asked for them. In fact, most people asked for them NOT to come because completely fake and broken. Way to go WG.

    The more I see how the game grows, the more I wish for it to die. WG has gone way too far. I hope they’ll ruin the game to the point where they have to close it down. I don’t care how much time and money I invested in it, they dont respect their customers and they dont deserve the success they are getting.

    “Grand Battle with a closer look at Personal Missions available in it,”

    A mode that was barely tested ; that many people found problems with ; that uses a bad format that can be exploited too easily ; and that comes with its own set of personnal missions and thus an OP tier X tank everyone will want.

    Reminds me of a huge fuckup people still havent gotten over to this day. T-22sr. still get teamkilled whenever they enter the battlefield (once every 3 months lol).

    Please bring back rubikon ; p2w emblems were not that bad compared to another not-tested broken gamemode and imaginary tech tree.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Still no T-34-3 and STB-1 HD models. Fucking idiots. Also nothing said on their website about the promised ST-I / IS-4 changes, which were the only thing I was looking for in this patch. Not impressed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was waiting for 9.20 also because of the IS-4/ST-I change but I guess we need to wait 1 more patch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Its funny they planned a lots of other stuff for 9.20 ( IS-6, KV-5 buff, IS-4/ST-I change, Type59 buff, T-34-3 buff etc) and they give us only half of it. No comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Funniest part is, months ago, when they first mentioned 9.20, the IS-4 – ST-I changes were the first and foremost thing they were talking about. Been waiting for that for months now but hey – at least there’s no temptation to start the game for another several months this way.


    1. Not to mention almost all of them they look hideous… They could have at least achieved that if they were going to implemented.


    1. Not really a nerf ; rather a fix.
      Getting splash-damage and stun when a shot lands on the other side of a house was most likely not supposed to be lile that.


  3. Another arty nerf.
    I think it would be a more honest thing to just cancel the thing. You already can’t kill a Maus in an spg in 1 round, now they won’t even let you slow it down. Total bullshit. At least it frees up some crews.

    Also I see how they fuck up every cool tank that was in the game.
    They fucked the ELC and bulldog, they planned the bat chat and ISU. I feel cheated for investing this much time in grinding the lines and training my crews, so that they give me something totally different the next patch. I am just tired of this shit.


      1. You can take out a tank on 18 HP behind cover, but that can be the highlight of the game since arty is nearly useless now.


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