WoT RU Poll: Would you like to see Chinese TDs on your server?

The poll is located here (on the official WoT RU VK page): https://vk.com/worldoftanks?w=wall-9159189_11948680

And here are the results:

Yes, I would like to see such tanks – 65,8%

No, we have enough tanks – 15,4%

I do not care – 17,8%

Something else (comments) – 0,9%

Judging by the RU patchnotes, they will come to our servers REALLY soon.


12 thoughts on “WoT RU Poll: Would you like to see Chinese TDs on your server?

    1. The JpzE100 ingame is relatively well reconstructed, especially the mass distribution. There is much worse ingame … like the T110E4.


  1. I love how the pool is biased in its construction (despite the translation). The way the answers are constructed are orienting the choices towards “yes”.
    Indeed, if the pool was neutral, to counter the “Yes, I would like to see such tanks”, we should have “No, I do not would like to see such tanks”.

    But it’s absolutely not the pool option what is offered. We have: “No, we have enough tanks” that should be the opposite of “Yes, we want more tanks”, going with the question “Would you like to see new tanks on your server?” (whatever the tank it is).

    The “No” in this pool does not answer to the question of the Chinese TD. If you want to answer to the question that is asked, you have no choice than to vote “Something else (comments)”. Which means that you could be against these Chinese TD but for new tanks ingame.

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    1. I know right?

      It’s a deliberate choice so WG, who shat out a make-believe branch for the Chinese server who’s so patriotic I’m honestly surprised the base color of Chinese tanks isn’t red, can just later point at the poll and say : “people don’t mind having paper tanks”

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  2. If they MUST be added, then the description better say fake tank, or Wargaming creation, or i’ll actually use the wot forums and complain. it’s annoying when 1 or 2 tanks in a line are changed or completely fake, and people believe it to be historical, now people are getting a full line of fake tanks.

    on the other hand, fake tanks can be completely changed (guns, armor, engines, etc.) with no problems for a historical standard.

    so as long as it’s well know that these are fake/made up/leaps in logic and they are not OP then i guess i’d be OK with them in game.


  3. Wargaming and player feedback…clearly shows how much they value Russian feedback, the rest is there for window dressing and the other consumer markets act as dairy farms.


  4. I for one don’t really care. I want more tanks in the game, I want a different flavor, and I want something awesome. I don’t want OP P2W Premiums, and I don’t want UP shit Premiums either as they’re not worth buying.


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