Complete Interactive Swiss Tree Proposal

Developed by Mizutayio in collaboration with the creator of the Czechoslovak tree proposal (that you might remember from a year ago).

There it is:

Includes an armored car branch, SPG, TD, LT branches. Overall it is pretty nice.


12 thoughts on “Complete Interactive Swiss Tree Proposal

  1. To me everything is great except
    the centurions copy’s that can remove and in the SPG line the Swiss tier 8 copy of the American SPG M109. This SPG can be use for a second SPG line of turreted spg.

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    1. Not a problem technically. I know well the subject : i wrote the second line of US SPG. And i wrote it because if this one.
      1) there is no other available Swiss SPG candidate at this tier
      2) the lower tier SPG are nearly clones of French SPG.

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  2. Would be nice to see, but with WG seemingly being averse to adding new tree, if some recent-ish Q&As are to be believed, probably won’t happen for a while.


    1. Wait untill they reveal the polish tree at gamescom (there is a reason we are getting a polish premium around the same time of year we got the first swedish and czech prems). They are also most likely planning a swiss line for next year.


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