WoWS: TAP Insider News (25-VII-2017)

I will just share you some chitchat of WG staffs about the new smoke mechanic. With the new stupid mechanic, it’s like a death sentence for us to keep playing on this game.

Following the new smoke machanic, German smoke will also enjoy its duration buff to the same level as Japanese/Russian counterparts. However, to balance the buff, their sonar duration will be slightly reduced in order to avoid the smoke-sonar-camping playstyle, they have less time activating than their Kamerad Cruisers/Battleships.

All the ships equipped with smoke devices will also be considered receiving longer smoke-deploying time (no mention about British , I think they will be included though, with less range than other classes.)

Keep in mind that everything in ST can be changed the very last minutes before hitting PT/Live server, don’t expect too much so you may get disappointed.


28 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (25-VII-2017)

  1. “With the new stupid mechanic, it’s like a death sentence for us to keep playing on this game.”

    Typical overreaction when the time has come to balance something stupid, OP and gamebreaking. If you think you’re going to die if they do this then…..good riddance, see you in hell. Jesus Christ so much panic….

    If it was up to me i would remove the stupid smoke that you can camp inside, and replace it with a proper smokescreen system that can be deployed only when you’re moving at top speed and away from the enemy and doesn’t make you completely invisible at once but it reduces detection range and increased dispersion, like camouflage does.

    By the way, is this the only news we have about WoWS? Seriously? Are the devs in prison or something?

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    1. and yet the most OP class in the game Battleships have yet to ever be nerfed.., only Cruisers, DD, and Carriers ever get nerfed.

      but BB? Geeze no hasn’t ever happened.

      if Smoke is getting changed BB need to have their alpha cut by 80%. it’s that simple.

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      1. If you think they havent been nerfed….you’re wrong. they have received so many nicks and cuts here and there over the last year.
        BB are far from OP…it is so fun to flood them burn them watch them use a CD and then pop em again, well i shouldnt have to explain more.


        1. TYLER… BB dont need nerf… you have to understand what warships type ROLE are, a battleship is the most powerful and the main attack warship of a squadron. why they are powerful? because they need to be, they are battleships.just look at real life, 1 shell hit from a 16 inch BB gun can sink a DD,CA or CV. get it? battleship=main attack ship, it has to be powerful.
          ingame i often hit DD with 3-5 16inch shells and only do 7k or 9k damage. see the difference? BB are NOT OP theyre what they made for. FIREPOWER.

          from the look of your comment it seems you are a DD player and DONT understand each types ROLE. DD for stealth attack, CA for supporting BB or DD, and BB is the firepower of a squadron.

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    2. So what you’re saying is, nerf concealment even more so that BBs become even more OP? Because BBs are the ships that can survive the longest while spotted.


    1. This is a “nerf” aimed at CLs that pop smoke and sit there all day killing everything in range. I’m not sure if it’s going to affect DDs, but then again, fuck those too….enough with that BS smokefiring shit.

      You get in a capture point and you just set fire on everything that comes to contest and then you torp the fuck out of it. I hope this affects DDs as well, fuck off, enough with this BS.

      Learn to play smart and not rely on one particularly broken BS mechanic. Be the light tank player of WoT, smart, fast, deadly, not just hide in a smoke cloud and play badass.

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      1. if only Cruisers didn’t lose 90% of their HP to one salvo from a BB… which have unhistorical accuracy…

        need I say more? it’s hard to be a light tank when your as big as a BB. but lack any of the Armor/HP. Imagine if a RU251 was as big as a maus, but had no armor. that’s what playing a Cruiser is like in WOWS.

        it’s that much bullshit.


      2. Exactly….stupidest mechanic still not fixed from beta….fucking firing from smoke while sitting in it.

        so much naval history shows winning from cruisers and DD sitting in their smoke and annihilating the enemy forces!!!
        Fuck that BS, good riddance to the whole smoke gimmick. If you cant use ti to screen and obscure and run away, then you are doing it wrong and WG is stupid for letting it go on like this.

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      3. CLs are the weakest class in the game, and you think they should be nerfed. Pathetic.

        Also WoWS is not WoT. Quit demanding it be turned into WoT.


  2. Talking about “death sentence” is very very unprofessional overreaction
    Sounds to me like when some in the community where whining about radio detection skill to break them game…
    Actually I do like the idea of this upcoming change let’s see what it’s going to look like when it hits servers for more testing
    My 2 cents

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    1. Those who complain the most are those who abuse this BS mechanic. It’s always the same shit…the devs try to balance everything that has this mechanic, then those idiots go apeshit crazy and nothing changes drastically.

      It is a “natural” reaction though, who would want to actually play the game instead of sitting in smoke for 10 minutes and killing stuff. Everybody wants the easy mode.

      People who play those ships have no idea what the fuck to do after their smoke ends, they just die. Well, at least most of them. Same thing with DD players,once their smoke ends they’ll simply rush you hoping to get a kill.

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    2. And when you add everything together, you get 50% BB population and competitive players saying that the game is less and less balanced, taking less of an interest in it.

      I can’t take seriously any dev that will let a game get so unbalanced that at the key competitive tier, tier8, it gets so bad that 60% (!) of slots in battle used by tier8 ships are used by ONE class.
      Even unbalanced garbage P2W fest games don’t get that bad.

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      1. Did i ever say they shouldn’t nerf BBs? Of course they should. Those fucktards even buffed them now (sec range buff). They even buffed German BB secondaries fuck fuck’s sake.
        BBs should get worse accuracy in order for cruisers to be able to survive a salvo and their sec range should be short and used only against anything that gets too close, not have it firing from 12km.

        But, the entire smoke mechanic should also be changed and i will not accept any objection to that. The way it works now it’s just an invisibility cloak not a defensive measure, and it’s gamebreaking especially when used by cruisers that have far superior firepower than DDs.

        You can avoid those torps but you can’t avoid being torn to pieces by some asshole who will be hiding either in his smoke or behind an island until his next charge is ready.

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        1. Maybe the smoke needs to be changed, maybe not.
          It was MUCH less of a problem a year ago when there were more cruisers and they were more aggressive.

          The problem is that the game’s balance is so broken that any conclusion other then “yup, it’s broken” is to be taken with a grain of salt.

          So how about WG takes things one step at a time like normal non-retards and take measures to first make sure there aren’t more DDs and CAs put together in the average battle, and only then see what’s actually broken and needs fixing.
          You don’t solve a problem by treating symptoms.

          Stealth firing was a symptom, long range HE spammer cruisers are a symptom, firing from smoke is a symptom.
          All of those are just cheesy ways to try to get on an equal footing with the BB hegemony, which is before anyone wants to try the “herp L2P” card, according to the collective opinion of Odem Mortis, one of the top clans in the game comprised of only +60% players “the most dominant class”. Direct quote.

          Fix the core issues, and the cheesy mechanics will stop being used on its own over time.

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          1. The worst part is that because of the updates, we will get an RN BB line followed possibly by a French BB line (Notser mentioned this in one of his vids) which is exactly not what this game needs at this stage…


            1. I think they’re going to keep French BBs in their pockets for now, in favor of French DDs, which will be an interesting mix of USN and Russian playstyle.

              With a bit of luck, 2018 will introduce Italian CAs, which could be very dangerous to BBs if WG decides to implement the studies the Italians made for the Russians for tier9 and 10, which includes very well armored large cruisers with up to 250mm guns, that could in theory reach 37 knots.

              Add to that the Zara on tier 8, with guns that should make the Hipper feel inadequate, and we might be looking at a line of cruisers able to actually put a dent in the BB growth.
              I’m not foolish enough to think that alone will stop it, but it couldn’t do any harm.

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  3. I dont think this is going to be game breaking at all. Right a smokescreen is used for offence while its suppossed to be a defence measure. When im in a smokescreen with my BB firing away with inpunity i do feel like a cheater somehow. This will only benefite the game.

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    1. It will hrut the game even more, because it benefits a class of ship that should frankly be nerfed and it disincentives playing two classes of ships that already got the short stick for a number of patches in a row and it severely damages a class of ship, that has barely any means left to do it’s thing at all.

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  4. And the best part if this change makes it to live server is how VMF DDs will just give everyone the finger, since you dont even need smoke to use them


  5. >With the new stupid mechanic, it’s like a death sentence for us to keep playing on this game.

    Taking a guess here but the author must love his/her British light cruisers.


  6. Sounds like a good time to invest in some VMF destroyers and swipe out that smoke for a heal. Why don’t the tomato BB players just come out and admit they just want 12 BBs vs 12 BBs, no torpedoes, no planes, and no HE. Amusing how they complain about how unrealistic firing through smoke is but have no complaints about things that benefit them such as radar and hydro going through islands. Do they even play high tier cruisers and destroyers?
    Anyone with even a decent understanding of the game knows that there’s alot of ways to counter smoke, such as spotter planes and torpedoes (and those don’t require the game to give you easy 1-button solutions like radar). But hey what do I know, just got to yell at the devs long enough for them to give you a handicap on top of handicaps so you don’t have to get good or learn anything. :^)

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  7. All these overreactions and when its finally done, everyone will shut up like they didn’t say this shit here.

    Y’know, like when Radio Direction Finder (or whatever the hell it’s called) was first leaked.

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    1. The reason Radio Location turned out to not be the gamebreaker many expected is that the vast majority of players are too potato to make good use of it.


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