WoWS: TAP Insider News (25-VII-2017)

I will just share you some chitchat of WG staffs about the new smoke mechanic. With the new stupid mechanic, it’s like a death sentence for us to keep playing on this game.

Following the new smoke machanic, German smoke will also enjoy its duration buff to the same level as Japanese/Russian counterparts. However, to balance the buff, their sonar duration will be slightly reduced in order to avoid the smoke-sonar-camping playstyle, they have less time activating than their Kamerad Cruisers/Battleships.

All the ships equipped with smoke devices will also be considered receiving longer smoke-deploying time (no mention about British , I think they will be included though, with less range than other classes.)

Keep in mind that everything in ST can be changed the very last minutes before hitting PT/Live server, don’t expect too much so you may get disappointed.