WoT – No HD maps soon

Quick info: 9.20 won’t have HD maps yet.


19 thoughts on “WoT – No HD maps soon

  1. no wonder now, why they wanna change the Erlenberg map and video was showing not HD maps. Also not all vehicles are made to HD, would be strange if we would have HD maps, but some tanks still but be in SD.


    1. Considering they wanted to make a patch 10.0 with the addition of pay2win emblems on tanks ; and decided to make completely new physics a patch 9.15…

      They could make HD maps in a micropatch and make a patch 10.0 out of a new soviet premium.

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      1. Sounds legit. 10.0 for glorious Soviet premium tenk! More OP then the Defender and Chrysler combined, would be a gamechanger for sure.


    2. The current patch is called or something, so you are most likely thinking about a patch called “1.0”


      1. WG will never exit the beta so he is correct -> 0.10.0 for next epic update which could as an example be hd maps, polish tree and one of the new tested game modes in the same go. Which ofcourse doesn’t go well with the long time it takes for HD maps but was just for an example.


  2. Not a priority to be honest. There are more pressing issues in the game right now. Also they better fix all of the broken and retarded mountaingoat positions on the maps when they are reworked into HD quality and not introduce more of them…

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  3. So no HD maps before chrismas.
    9.20.1 definitely wont have them either ; they wont add such a huge thing in a “half patch”…

    Nice job WG, end of summer much.


  4. Maps are where we ALL play on
    there all old small and boring now, only new players are happy with this situation as its still ‘new and learning’ after 15k+ battles believe me and 90% of regular WOT players its piss poor and boring as hell
    Go same place, brawl same old place, as yesterday and last year and the year before that.

    New tanks and new Maps should go hand in hand with development of WOT

    if a game starts to stagnate its difficult to bring back players that lost interest in it and now find other games things to do instead

    3 years ago there where 50% more active players and EU server had 150k players most days and more at weekends much, much more

    So yeah, think its all ok? its not


  5. So..hmm well…I guess I’m going to need to extend my break from this game until somewhere next year, or perhaps even 2019…good riddance.
    Over the past few years almost no one (except the few BF kiddies) has been complaining about the lack of maps being in HD. The majority of complaints is the LACK of more good and new maps!

    If gameplay remains below mediocre, with all of WoT’s balance issues bleeding out left and right, no amounts of new and shiny HD content is going to coagulate that bleeding.

    So come on WG, get your heads out of each others arse’s and get your act together! Reform your internal development processes!

    It is just too damn apparent it’s full of holes and it is bleeding revenue! With all the consequences that come with it (need for more payed content which sells like hot cakes…*cough* 252U/Defender etc)

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