WoT – AMX Canon d’assaut 105 video


20 thoughts on “WoT – AMX Canon d’assaut 105 video

      1. Half of the video was him camping his spawn ridgeline with a reaction time of 5s whenever something was spotted ; I jumped towards the end to see him drive right next to an UDES who didnt see him… only to fireat a further ennemy already engaged by allied, and miss.
        I get that WG need a wide range of different skill-levels in order to supertest things… but I don’t think it is necessary to make bots test new things lol.

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  1. You assholes telling us it sucks when wg wants to avoid p2w bullshit… Its a crew trainer not a p2w tank where you kill people with your money…

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    1. Except before adding balanced tanks they need to fix all the overpowered tanks. Because the balanced tanks will have to face the OP ones, and thus are underpowerd in comparision.
      nobody with a sane mind will purshase a tank with such mediocre stats when there are things like Strv S1 or Skorpion G in the game ; but people would buy it if they were good enough to be competitive.

      Right now this new premium is already powercreeped before even being released.


      1. It’s not so much a case of being powercreeped, it’s being released underpowered. The RoF is just too low for what the vehicle is, otherwise it looks like a nice performer.


  2. People complaing about how bad it looks… Man, please don’t whine about shit not being OP. That’s how we got the OPject 252 and Scheissler K in the first place.

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  3. The problem will not be the tank but the matchmaking. As top tier it will perform just fine but as we know tier 8 sucks at the moment and against 5 tier 9’s and 3 tier 10’s this tanks will be very average indeed!


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