T-34-85M Marathon – Day 13

Marathon, Day 13


  •  1 Token for the T-34-85M
  •  5 Large Repair Kits


  • Damage five enemy vehicles over any amount of battles.


  • Random Battles only
  • Only Tier IV or higher
  • Once per account

This mission is available from 19 July at 07:00 to 20 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


6 thoughts on “T-34-85M Marathon – Day 13

  1. Final mission for those of us who did not want to spend a penny on this.
    From what I heard, the T 34-85M is actually worth your while. For once, WG will have offered a nice gift and not just a free garage slot.


  2. all jokes aside….I got the tank, I looked at the stats…….HOLY SHIT: RIP T34-85…..move aside RUDY…..WE HAVE A NEW KING….over 2.5k dpm with my T34-85 crew……let the feast begin!!!!!!


    1. well, the one reason for Rudy is still crew training, because he matches the crew-layout for Object 140, which the T-34-85M doesn’t.

      that aside I have absolutly NO clue why WG did not adjust the DPM to Rudy/T-34-85-level when the pen of the gun of was buffed to the level of the rest. if they had done that the Rudy and the M would have been roughly similar, where the Rudy was slightly more mobile (but only slightly) and the M a little bit better armored. and the techtree-model still has the advantage of the much more durable engine, that is knocked out for both prems easily.

      right now it’s just plain powercreeping. and one that will affect tier 6 battles for a loooong way, as the tank is just so versatile and the marathon so easy, that many many players will get the tank.


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