WoT – 113 BO

It seems that KZ wants their coffers filled, because another exclusive, reskinned tank has hit the Chinese server – the 113 ‘Beijing Opera’. A Tier X Premium HT, priced at a mere 22500 gold!



13 thoughts on “WoT – 113 BO

  1. not easy, just sad.

    although i do like the all around artwork they spent on that.
    Wish they had spent that time and effort to something else.

    Don´t know what to look at, as there are so many broken things in this game at the moment.


    1. The chinese server is basically independant of all the other servers, including their development. Therefore the BO 113 has probably been modelled somewhere in China while the updates and stuff are made in Russia and stuff

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    1. it’s a magic server where you can buy everything—https://kongzhong.tmall.com/p/rd828551.htm?spm=a1z10.1-b-s.w5002-15484933495.3.6ada99f9z6Tjv5&scene=taobao_shop


    1. Premium tanks are fine. I like to play mine when I’m fed up grinding ordinary tanks. Beside, they need to make money somehow or they will close shop


      1. Yeah by making craptons of tier 8 premiums when they can simply rerelease the old ones. The usual Pz II J bundles don’t keep appearing in the premium shop for nothing you know.

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