Tank model pulls a car


7 thoughts on “Tank model pulls a car

      1. Of course it is,but look at the size of that thing. There’s a powerful motor in there, but still pushing/pulling a car isn’t something to write home about.

        If it could at least pull it a little bit with the handbrake on it would have been cool. Or at least pull something bigger, like a truck or a loaded van.


  1. Maybe, you should by yourself your own tank like that, and get your car; then put the hand brake on and show us yourself how it’s done then ? Go ahead and show us… ^


    1. my jeep has a rolling weight of 350 pounds. this car is probably around 1/3 of that. so about 115lbs worth to pull. so technically pulling that much is not impressive. what is impressive is that they crammed a motor that could do it in a small package.
      once the parking brake goes on, you now have a real challenge.


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