WoWS Q&A – 1st July 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU

The event on the Russian premium battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya will take place 17-31 July, on EU probably one day later.
Task 1: 50 wins + 300k damage to battleships
Task 2: 30k pure XP + 300k damage to destroyers
Task 3: 50 citadels + 300k damage to cruisers
Task 4: 100 planes + 3k ribbons
Awards for the individual tasks are unknown.
You can do all tasks in parallel, starting from tier IV in coop or randoms.
The ship will be sold after the event.

18 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 1st July 2017

  1. >The ship will be sold after the event.

    My wallet will be ready. πŸ™‚

        1. Answering my own comment but anyway, I wasn’t in a good mood when I posted the reply and it came out like that, sorry if I offended you. πŸ™

  2. And I will be doing all in coop at tier10 with a Moskva.

    Except the plane mission, where I’ll probably cheese using the indy with an AS build.

  3. WG must be really desperate to promote VMF BBs by allowing co-op players a chance to get this ship. I understand if scenarios were eligible but co-op? Wish Nikolai was this easy to get, being a tier lower and in its WW1 appearance which I prefer. WG just needs to grow some balls and rebalance it.

    1. Beside the the armour Nikolai is not OP since the German BBs got introduced it not even that OP plus if there’s a carrier in the match that is vaguely awake they will target it before anything else, they could reintroduce Nikolai now and she would be fine

    1. that’s what I was wondering as well.

      I’m all for a free ship, although I think the russian BB line should only be a half branch that merge’s with cruisers, since the rest would be fake according to what information that I could find.

      1. Not really. The hulls for the Sovetsky Soyuz-class, the Kronshtadt-class and even the Stalingrad-class were all laid down, but were subsequently cancelled or simply not completed.

        1. Stalingrad was a battle cruiser from what I read, so it probably won’t be included in the russian BB line(since BC’s are looking like they’re being merged with cruiser class if the Graf Spee is any indication). The Kronshtadt is also a BC, so seems like it would be something for a Soviet BC line but it could work in a BB line at tier 7 I suppose(might be a premium as well since it uses german guns).

          the Sovet will probably be there, but I think that’s probably going to be a 9 in the line(10 will probably be some sort of fantasy ship in all likely hood). the WW1 BB’s only go up to 5 as far as I can tell, which leaves 6, 7, 8, and 10 open to either paper ships or fantasy ships as far as I can tell.

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