T34-85M Marathon Coming on EU

According to the Polish WoT Youtube channel, the marathon will begin on 7 July and end on 24 July. No details were shown. You’ll also have a x4 for the first win of the day between 22 and 25 July. Plus some normal xp to free and crew experience conversion bonuses will come this month. (1xp=10 crew xp, 1xp=35 free xp)

18 thoughts on “T34-85M Marathon Coming on EU

  1. Knowing this is just a tier 6 tank ; the marathon will be fairly easy, probably like the TOG marathon from 2 or 3 years ago where you basicaly just had to do your daily doubles for 13 days out of 15.

    The T25 Pilot marathon was not too hard either unlike the insane WZ111 requirements ; I managed to get it for free without too much troubles, and it’s a tier 8 reward.

    It must be an attempt to keep a decent playerbase during summer vacations, which means they will just want you to do basic stuff everyday, without being too hard either otherwise too many people wouls give up.

  2. Fck already have the tank. To bad they won’t give gold instead, guess it will be silver 🙁

  3. Cool,I would like a premium russian medium tank since I am going for the russian meds and I need a crew trainer.

  4. What credit compensation for thosem who already have it? 600000 as was with dicker?

  5. I find it interesting how the most news are coming from a Polish site lately.

    1. Why would that be any interesting? If someone running that site has a connection to an insider, because I don’t thiink they’re just good at guessing this kind of stuff, it would be expected such news will pe published on the said website first.

    2. It’s because they are the first to get information about upcoming specials from the Polish WoT Youtube channel, days before WG puts them on the site in English. About other news it depends on who translates them I guess.

  6. T-34-85M and Rudy are reasonably fun tanks to play, quite decent if you are in a tier 6 game and not the top tank. They do their support job well enough.

      1. The 3rd exact clone of a shit tank is nicer than a really good t-34-85 variant? Makes no sense.

        1. For someone who can not probably afford a 20$ op premium when is on sale like t34-85m of course it does not make sense, how else should you get it. For others who do not care about the op side and want a historical balanced tank like tiger 217 (i will not get in details about the history behind it because for you is sf) it make a lot of sense

          1. Pick the Tiger 131 and you get a “historical balanced” tank already for just 19,99$ including a OP crew. This said there is no reason to ask for the same bad clone again as a reward.

            The Tiger 217 is NOT historical correct implemented by WG.

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