KMS Graf Zepplin – Pictures

Pictures provided by World of Warships Asia Facebook Page.




10 thoughts on “KMS Graf Zepplin – Pictures

    1. German moe engineering FTW

      Jks aside, she is quite useless in KanColle at the moment because the plane capacity is too damn low for a standard carrier.

      I thought she will be tier 7 at best in WoWS…..oh well….

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  1. Stukas as TB? No Fieselers? SPB team is either drunked to the ground or completely fuck that part of historicity this project have. Or maybe someone here changed TB for DB. I hope for the latter.


    1. I thought that as well until I looked up the Ju87C it was multirole both torp and dive bomb, WG probably used the Ju87 as its more recognizable


  2. I know the germans were close to finish at least 2 carriers, much like how the Italians had 3, but a few more were at least requested in the same plan from which the H-class designs came out, were those carriers ever designed or did it stop in intentions only?
    what do you guys think adding this ship means for a hipothetical mini/full carrier line for the germans?


  3. New carriers and battleships, oh my! Anyone know when they’re going to release some of these new ships WOWs keeps teasing us with?


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