HMS Bellerophon – Tier 3 researchable ship preview

This is courtesy of World of Warships Asia facebook page.



8 thoughts on “HMS Bellerophon – Tier 3 researchable ship preview

    1. well, there are 8 different classes which are candidates for tiers 3 and 4 (4~5 for tier 3, 3~4 for tier 4), of those 8 the HMS Dreadnought is the one with more historical importance and fits the low tier premium BB criteria, and being low tier she won’t be expensive and you might even have the chance to get her for free in the future, no harm in making her premium since in this case it makes her “more special”


  1. Cue ‘Why no dreadnought’ but I completely understand why WG have used Bellerophon as the tier 3, as she was basically the production Dreadnought class, yes Dreadnought being a premium is a bit of a cash grab like Hood but in terms of progression in the tech tree it makes more sense this was as Bellerophon had more upgrades applied over her life it gives more options for hulls and research upgrades. And how know Dreadnought may even be a Christmas reward ship or campaign reward just wait an see, she will be in the game at some point


      1. tbh honest if you look at Dreadnought its not as stupid as its sounds yes she would be insanely powerful but with all the Torpedo dispensers at tier 2 and 3 she would actually be balanced as she had NO torpedo protection (Another reason for Bellerophon over Dreadnought) so no damage reduction from torps which is something even Mikasa has


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