The Matchmaker After Update 9.18: Q&A

Source: EU WoT Portal

What is the advantage of the 3-5-7 template?

This template ensures enjoyable gameplay for all players regardless of their position on the team list. Each player can be useful and affect the battle outcome. Even if a Tier VIII vehicle fights against Tier X opponents, it can always find a suitable opponent to shoot or spot. In situations like these, you don’t need to guess where to find suitable opponents.

Why does the matchmaker create so many same-tier battles and so few 3-5-7 battles?

Statistically, this is not the case – the number of 3-5-7 battles is and was always higher than the number of one or two-tier battles. More than 65% of all battles fought in Tier VI–X vehicles are 3-5-7, about 25% are two-tier battles, and only 10% are one-tier battles.

Of course, some of you might have played several one or two-tier battles in a row and therefore have a different impression. Currently, we use a mechanic which attempts to limit the number of battles played at the bottom of the team list, but if waiting for a battle takes too long, the matchmaker will send players into battle regardless of their position on the team list. Between waiting for battle and actually battling, we always prefer the latter. Let’s battle!

SPGs and light tanks – they are everywhere, why are there so many?

Of course, right after the release of Update 9.18, there were many SPGs and light tanks per battle. However, we want to clarify that these high numbers of SPGs and light tanks only existed for a couple of days after Update 9.18 was released, as everyone wanted to try out the new and revised content in the game. After a month and a half, we can say for sure that the situation in Random Battles has not changed much in comparison to how it was before Update 9.18; everything is back to normal.

Take a look at the number of battles with SPGs:

Right after 9.18 Soon after 9.19
SPGs 25.35% 10.72%
2 SPGs 28.69% 24.38%
SPG 30.73% 38.40%
No SPGs 15.23% 26.50%
 Below is the average number of light tanks per team:
Right after 9.18 Soon after 9.19
Battle tier VIII 2.31 2.39
Battle tier IX 3.11 2.63
Battle tier Х 2.87 2.36

Three SPGs per team — is this normal?

It is still acceptable. The number of battles with three SPGs is not excessively high, with about 11%. If you take a look at the tables above, you will understand the reason why you felt like too many battles included three SPGs per team, after the implementation of Update 9.18. Currently, the situation is different.

How is it possible that one of the teams has an SPG or light tank, while the other does not?

Before the release of update 9.18, we provided a series of articles about the logic of the new matchmaker (see on the right). In short: the matchmaker attempts to assemble teams, taking into consideration the number of tank destroyers, light tanks, and SPGs, as well as platoon players. However, if creating teams takes too long, the mismatch of one vehicle of these types is allowed.

In other words, battles in which one of the teams has a light tank or SPG while the other one doesn’t, are within the logic of the matchmaker, but less “fair” than we would like. For this reason, we improved the matchmaker some time ago, and tightened the team assembly criteria. As a result, the number of battles with a mismatch of SPGs, tank destroyers, light tanks, and platoon players decreased. We are going to make further improvements in regards to this. Stay tuned!

What about same-tier platoons?

Those will stay as they are. There are many reasons for this, but please see the most important two:

  • First of all, same-tier Platoons are fairer to teams, who will no longer be at a disadvantage from the very beginning of a battle because of someone joking around.
  • Secondly, one-tier battles considerably decrease the amount of work for the new matchmaker. Without them, the matchmaker would have a hard time creating equal 3-5-7 battles.

SPGs in platoons…you know what I’m talking about.

In this case we admit that we’ve changed our initial decision due to your feedback. Artillery will be allowed to be played in a platoon again but will be limited to one per platoon. This decision was difficult and thoroughly discussed. Feedback from players across all platforms affected the decision — thank you for sharing your feedback. Together, we will change the game for the better.

Any changes to the conditions of the Personal Missions?

Good news: in Update 9.19.1 we are changing the conditions of many Personal Missions. Head over to the forums and have a look at the planned changes. Feel free to share your feedback there as well!

What happens next?

We will respect your opinions and consider them. Already in Update 9.19.1, the matchmaker is undergoing changes, since we want to make Random Battles more enjoyable. In addition, we will rework another set of vehicles into HD quality, make improvements to the Strongholds, change technical characteristics of vehicles, and improve the female voiceovers!