WoT Q&A 18.07.2017

Anton “Evilly” Pankov interviewed by official Polish WoT Youtube channel:
– We wanted to add Polish content in the past already, and now we have a particular candidate to add into the game – Pudel. We’ve searched for quite some time for a fitting model and eventually settled on the Panther, the tank was captured by Polish resistance fighters.
– We certainly know about the attention that the “Rudy” and the according TV series is getting and understand that this is important. With the addition of the Pudel, we won’t take measures to move the “Rudy” to the Polish tree at once. We’d like to offer players the option to keep the “Rudy” as a Soviet tank or to move it to the Polish tree, but this will be done much later.
– We currently have a prototype tree. We’re searching for unique tanks of this nation and have quite some successes in this regard. Also, we’ll have to solve the question as of how the Polish tree will interact with other European trees, which we’re thinking about right now, how the crews will work.

Again, Anton Pankov, this time on livejournal:
I had a thought that “hamsters” shouldn’t be able to farm ranks simply by throwing enough battles in. Could you limit battles per day to at least 20-25? – No, battle limit is not a solution. Maybe additional ranks and more irrevocable ones, but that’s just thinking aloud.
– The portal now has these ugly tiles. Please, return to the normal list of news etc. These tiles make my eyes go wild and I can’t understand shit, information is sewn all across the screen. Yes, this might look good on mobile, but why the fuck introduce this on PC? – I, as an oldfag, am shocked as well, but we’ll have to get used to it.
– Why don’t you make it harder to earn each subsequent rank? E.g. for rank 2, you have to be in top 12, for rank 3 in top 10 etc. – Too harsh, it’s simpler to increase the amount of ranks and to make the intermediate ones irrevocable.
By the way, Anton, please don’t make retarded conditions to win in the marathon (in July). The allied vegetables/tomatoes get even worse from that… – Ok 🙂
On supertest, another Tiger has arrived, but I don’t get why you have to test identical tanks… Jap. Tiger, Tiger 131, Tiger 217… The conveyor is there already. – For 217, we have a very insidious plan.
We know about your plans already. You’ll just strap on a different looking log, and that’s it. – Aren’t you a shrewd one 🙂

– I’ve collected tons of feedback regarding ranked and passed it on, there will be lots of work between the seasons. Priorities are – maps, matchmaker, economy, maybe rank advancement principles. We’ll account for this in the next season, we won’t implement changes in the currently running one.