New 9.19.1 Chinese Tree

The line of heavy tanks leading to the 113 that we know today will be expanded with the new tier X: WZ-111 model 5A.


20 thoughts on “New 9.19.1 Chinese Tree

  1. Well, I am always for new tanks, but this looks like another clone, more or less.
    Why don’t they add Chinese TDs instead? If I am not wrong, they are on the Chinese server already


    1. They are coming to Chinese server next patch and to be honest they are not very interesting looking vehicles; not to mention from what i heard the ENTIRE LINE is made up by Kongzhong


      1. what’s Kongzhong actually? I don’t think we can simply say the line was ”made up” by someone, WG would not add a made up thing to the game

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        1. Kongzhong is Chinese company that runs Chinese WoT server (not WG; thats why you see stupidity on CN server like all supertest tanks getting sold for money (including chieftain mk6!)), and also has brought up “information” regarding some Chinese tanks. I think it was mentioned somewhere that the Kongzhong created the entire line by themselves, and thus is full line of fakes, and thats why they are not introducing it to other servers.


          1. Oh, well this makes sense then. I’ve read some proposals for Chinese TDs in the past tho, which were probably not the same as the one you’re talking about. If I am not wrong, SS wrote a topic about that.


          2. They also created the Type 59/Patton hybrid that is completely and utterly fake that WG ate crow for, then they sold it again.


  2. Good choice by WG to do this.
    Still, makes me wonder, why exactly did they bring back a tank they had in the game 5-some years ago?


    1. I think WG is trying to shift the meta every two years, so the tanks in CW and WGL will be different. The Chinese tree has been a undeveloped tree due to the lack of interest of the community, and there were much more tanks to be implemented at the time. Now, WG is running out of ideas, so they have to ‘re-work’ on what they have now.

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      1. They are shifting the meta way more often, few months ago it was Maus (and Type to an extent), half a year before Maus it was 113 (it took over E5 even before E5 was nerfed), half a year before 113 it was E5,

        Mediums stay mostly the same, 907 took over 140 since they buffed it, but really only TVP is something that freshens the RU med/Batchat spam, TD meta is kinda shifting aswell (although this is mostly to new TD’s such as Grille and STRV).

        Also, the tactics evolve a lot in competitive modes, physics changed a lot of things. Every single tank that is introduced can change map. There is always some attempt to counter the meta, then someone counters that counter etc.

        They are doing this to, like you said, change the meta, but also to give people reason to grind and spend their free XP.

        Last thing, even smaller changes can freshen up the tank picks. 907 is an example, all they did was change armor a bit and make ammorack module smaller. T57, almost never picked, with HD model it can now bounce stuff and with SuperHT spam mobility is not as big of an issue. Grille, the nerf wasn’t so big, but STRV plus SuperHT spam (STRV is more reliably when it comes to penning them) means it’s used less.

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    2. Since this year they might not add any new line I guess they need to add few mini-branch so at least there’s something to grind if you already researched most tanks anyway. Only one alternative Tier X is not too much of a job compared to preparing 7-10 tanks.

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  3. Unfortunately, Chinese trees are full of KZW fake tanks, and many real Chinese tanks don’t have the chance to debut. If I were to make a historical tree, I could do better than KZW.
    KZW created so many fake tanks, but claimed history. Low grade can also be some unique tanks, not these foreign original tanks.

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  4. Noice. Do we know the xp cost for the new tank as well? Have to admit, was looking for a reason to repurchase the WZ-111-4 for a while now


  5. damn two tanks to grind from that t9. Hope i get a good start in it, nothing makes me hate a tank more then playing catch up after losing the tomato lottert for a day.


  6. have to buy back the 111-4. Glad to see that it was just a mistype on the 113 when they said it was being removed in the “patch notes”


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