Victor Kislyi interview about closing of WG LLP

Viktor Kislyi was interviewed by the Belarussian portal “Onliner” regarding the recent closing of the LLP office in London, and several other crises that are allegedly plagueing Wargaming in general. Here is what he had to say.


Q(uestion): – World of Tanks is not the same, profits at Wargaming are dropping, the London office is being closed. We’d like to hear your commentary.
Victor Kislyi: – Unexpected. I’m joking, of course. Such news appear from time to time at other big companies as well, and believe me, they do not influence their work in the slightest. Matthias [head of development department] and I just returned with our families from a trip to Finland, and from our perspective, this trip is the most interesting news today. But of course, everyone else finds profits more interesting.

Q: – But still. First, pulling out of the Cyprus stock exchange. Now the London office. You do not publish information about profits for several years already. The question that pops up after this is: why is that so? Are these strategic decisions or necessary measures?
VK: – First things first. The closing of the London office is nothing more than a technical procedure, which had to be done long ago. Wargaming’s headquarters is located in Nicosia for six years already. So we are simply getting rid of a non-existent subdivision.
The stock exchange situation is quite similar. We left because we’d like to keep dynamic and flexible in making decisions, such as many others before us. Remember, for example, DELL.
Chronologically speaking, we left the Cyprus stock exchange several years ago already, so you shouldn’t mix these two decisions together.
The company is busy diversifying the product portfolio, we’re entering new markets (LATAM and Australia), strengthening positions amongst publishers and are actively investing first of all in ourselves. Internal development, employees, technologies and R&D.
In the last year we, as Wargaming Alliance, closed a first-time deal about publishing a game and are working closely with SEGA Creative Assembly. To understand what this means for a company, think about how some eight years ago, we were a tiny developer who was seeking publishers himself, and nowadays, a giant like SEGA is coming towards us and wants to cooperate on their product.

Victor Kislyi talks about a new vector – Finland

VK: – During the recent trip to Finland, we talked with students and colleagues from the International Game Developers Association. We’ve visited the tank museum in Parola. Thus, we’ve combined vacation with business. By the way, Wargaming cooperates with the museum for a long time already. It’s a great place. I’ve visited several dozen museums in the last 5-6 years, so I’ve got something to compare it with.
Regarding business, Finland is an important and congenial region for Wargaming. We’ve recently opened an office in Helsinki by buying the local development studio Boomlagoon. Now we’re actively developing connections, looking for promising teams and projects which could interest our subdivisions Wargaming Mobile and Wargaming Labs. Their local developer sphere already knows about us, for them, we’re a big player with several years of succesful expertise.

Q: – It’s strange to not hear any word about “tanks”. The flagship project and, as far as we know, 80% of the company’s profits. Is the game deflating after all?
VK: – It’s simple. “Tanks” did expectedly slip during the crisis in 2014 in the CIS, but that hit everyone on this market. Did the company lose profits? Of course. But we were the only ones who could afford to move towards the players. If you remember, the exchange rate for the ruble was jumping like crazy, but we affixed it in our shops and avoided a price increase of ingame purchases. Thus, players could afford more, and we minimized losses.
And yes, there was the legendary “Rubicon”, after which we understood that many things have to be changed. I won’t share too much details, but as a result, our team changed from being exclusively Minsk-based to an international one: the project director is American, development lead is Czech, but the core (who makes the end product) remains in Belarus. Sitting here are some of the world’s best developers. To assemble such a team, one has to spend several years.
We now have arrived at a reasonable approach in planning and rolling out updates. Now, we’re working on Ranked Battles, and they’re seemingly coming out well.
Regarding 80%. According to NewZoo, the Word of Warships project at different times was included in the top 10 by income amongst all online games. Also, Blitz is one of the best grossing games as well, and set a new trend in mobile development – session-based third person shooters.

Q: – All of these are current projects. What awaits us?
VK: – The first step is working on Total War: ARENA. In parallel, another project is being developed – “Caliber”, a tactical action game. It’s being developed by 1C.
We’re also planning to announce cooperation with a big British company soon.
Also, remembering the recent Boomlagoon purchase, we’ve recently launched Wargaming Mobile, which will, aside from working on its’ own projects, assist young developers to take the path from prototyping to a full game for free.
By the way, we’re in real need of good specialists. We have huge plans for mobile gaming, so we’re inviting able people to work on that. But not only there: we have 200 open vacancies all over the world, 70 of which are for our Minsk office.


25 thoughts on “Victor Kislyi interview about closing of WG LLP

    1. it is, it probably has to do with the WoT server that will eventually be installed in Brazil and the fact that their «Master of Orion» “reboot” was developed by a a studio in Argentina
      the LATAM server is needed, the way americans and canadians treat brazilians and spanish speakers in WoT NA is, at times, disgusting, the fact that the official chat language is english gives them no right to behave like that, it sometimes even happens to french-canadians who type something in french


      1. I use to play with a bad Internet connection. So perhaps that is the problem? Perhaps the language barrier makes learning about the game more difficult? All I know is when you see a player from south of the U.S., with 1000’s of games, you can not expect more then what you would expect from someone with just a handful of games. There are exceptions. Some really good ones as well. But you’ll get into games where you have 10 Spanish-speaking players with <45% win-rate. People were crying about the release of the Chrysler, but if you want real unfair games, it's usually the balance of players not the tanks. That all being said, there's no need to be a racial asshole either. But there's been enough games ruined to not expect some animosity being developed. Not only for the language barrier, but the ping times, etc… it would be great if they could have their own health server and population.


      2. You say the SA players are mistreated. The vast majority of them are terrible at the game. I don’t know the reason they’re generally bad but most have win rates close to 45% and wn8 scores that are sub 500. When you get a team with 5+ South American players it is generally an auto-loss.


        1. And it’s not just that they’re bad at the game. But rather they’re so ill tempered. You could send a friend request or complement their gameplay and get a “chingas tu madre, puto!” in response.

          Civility goes out the window relatively quick when every Latin player you meet is kinda a dick.


      3. I’m multinational myself so I tend to be sensitive to these issues, keep in mind a lot of the playerbase is literally rude children. But like others said a lot of the SA players dont make it easy on themselves by playing like complete dicks, sporting double digit wn8s after thousands of games and trolling their teammates. There’s a reason HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE is a meme.


  1. “And yes, there was the legendary “Rubicon”, after which we understood that many things have to be changed.”

    Yet they keep adding stupid things which are screwing with the game balance and nerfed Tier X lights into oblivion…

    ” “Caliber”, a tactical action game. It’s being developed by 1C.”

    If it’s something like 7.62 High Calibre, I’m in.


    1. «“Caliber”, a tactical action game. It’s being developed by 1C»
      1C is known for «Men of War», «Red Orchestra» and even «IL-2: Sturmovik» (part of the series, gaijin[WT dev] has also made a few), it’s fair to say they are experienced in the tactical and simulation genre, they are also known for being biased towards the russian factions


      1. Not Red Orchestra…That was developed by an international modding team, initially as a free mod for UT2003??). They won the “make it unreal contest” the prizes for which included licenses to the Unreal 2.5 and Unreal 3 engines. Tripwire Interactive was founded by the members of this modding team (based in the USA). The Unreal 2.5 version was released as as Red Orchestra Ostfront in 2006 and the Unreal version became Red Orchestra 2 in 2011. This same team combined with other modders to create Rising Storm in 2013 and the recently released Rising Storm 2. All these games absolutely kick ass, by the way, any fans of tactical shooters will love them as I do. As far as I am aware, 1C was never involved in their creation. You are correct about IL-2 Sturmovik and Men of War though, those are 1C products.



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  2. Since Victor Kislyi is a liar (See M6 mutant debacle selling a tank he personally promised would never be sold again and was exclusive to pre-orders) don’t believe anything he says.

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    1. “Sitting here are some of the world’s best developers. To assemble such a team, one has to spend several years.”

      And please, if that was the case we wouldn’t have an overpowered Maus, Type5 heavy, various recent T8 premiums etc.

      What you have in Belarus are some of the world’s best *profit maximisers*, game balance is nowhere to be found at the moment.

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      1. Actually, since you are a crybaby and all, let me explain it to you like a grown man. WG needs profit. If you play the game for free that doesn’t mean the game is really free, If it weren’t for those premiums and the “wallet warriors”or whatever you immature whiners call people who support the game, you wouldn’t be playing WoT at all now maybe. And those developers are genius. Pure gold, if they did what they were told to do for money and not game balance it’s not their fault. It’s their job. And if you would tell me that you would rather get fired than obey your employer because you dissagree on something, you are an idiot. And last but not least grow the fuck up already. I’m sick of you whiney justin bieber type bitches. You either play it as it is or gtfo to some other game. Since you’re a scrublord nobody will miss the 0 cash you invested in this game. Rant over.


    2. what is the problem about selling the Mutant? wasn’t it part of a pre-order pack? aren’t those packs meant to help them develop the game? doesn’t buying it before launch or after release help the game all the same?
      in this aspect Gaijin is ahead because they keep the packs available, just think about those who are knew to the game (did not know until now or were too young), are they guiltyof the circuntances not allowing them to know about the game before release? what about those who missed release by a month, week or even a day and could not buy it, is it their fault?
      won’t their money support WoT as much as everyone else money? or is their money/person worth less than those who were lucky for being there at the right time?

      it is not a reward vehicle for those who have been there from the start and so there’s no problem in selling it


      1. The problem is however that at the time dear Victor here promised these vehicles would be pre-order exclusive and never be on sale again (there is video evidence on this) so it doesn’t matter how many players didn’t know about it or what Gaijin does.

        What matters is that we have a company promise (with accompanying evidence) and the same company breaking this promise without being accountable for it in any way (the mediocre “compensation” they gave was another slap in the face, but that is a different matter).


  3. How long ago would them leaving the Cyprus stock exchange have been?

    It almost reeks if they were worried of a stakeholders majority vote, or a hostile takeover, which I mention two years ago would have been a good thing compared to the unfolding debacle we have now.

    This CEO’s continual babblings I can no longer take serious anymore…

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  4. Wow, so much hot air in one article. I wonder what kind of interview would SerB give if he wasn’t on a corporate leash?


  5. As we all thought ..
    WG has over the years more and more fucked up WOT with dumb updates that only WG wanted, not the players
    And so
    The players now disillusioned with shit update patches that fix nothing, nothing the players wanted
    fucked up Maps that are shit to play on
    never ending T8 expensive Premium tanks

    Global player numbers are dropping, yet again (what a non-surprise

    there should be and asap ~
    key marketing and Development staff at WG HQ replaced/ sacked (non Russian preferably
    a rethink on WOT lifecycle timetable (its a business project to most at WG

    Can Armoured Warfare
    please do what they wanted in the beginning (bad advise has cost them dearly) and create a decent WOT clone
    ~ and learn from all the WG fuckups and avoid them

    the market is ready


  6. Honestly, these interviews are pointless. They can say whatever they want, in the end if they have to do ‘black’ they’ll still say ‘white’ if it’s convenient for them.

    And then they’ll blame us for misinterpreting the message.


    1. Heres the best fix… *points to normal tech tree* nerf meds so they cant out manuveral and out spot light tanks… But can flank heavies…. Nerf heavies view ranges to equal to meds or lower then make the front plate hard to pen so meds can do there job and flank… Lights get best camo best mobility, and best view ranges of 440 to 475… Tds get best pen of all time but poor view ranges but more then meds by 10 to 20m then nerf prem rounds…30% to 35% damage and current pen by 3% to 5% rework the maps so flanking can be possible.. Like in AW and in WT. .. Then make it so newbs can only buy prem tanks up to tier 5 till they can have at least 300 battles under there belt and by that time they will have a tier 8 normal… Next Prem account only boosts credits and exp by 50% (have to make money some how yes?) make prem ammo avalible for everybody but more expensive then normal by 100% then redo the ammo types… Ap 20 degrees max, apcr, 10 degrees max, Heat bounces at any angle if its not flat on.. Skill required to use…, Hash high penning HE rounds bounces like heat won’t pen if angled and only will explode… Max of 5 degrees, HE its HE derp people in the face kv2 hilarity style… Then lastly after you have 10k battles under your belt then you can join clan wars this is to prevent asshats in rerolls… Have acsystem to detect hacked clients and moods not allowed… And if altered bans account for 1 hour… If repeated again its another hour… If again your banned for a week… Prevents bots and cheaters….


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