Japanese TD line proposal, Part II: Tier VI – X

Part I: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/06/10/japanese-td-line-proposal-part-i/

Hello again! Today we will continue the Japanese TD line. Previously we reached the 5th tier in this new proposal, so let us continue with the rest, up until tier 10!

Things start to get more interesting, too.


Tier 6: Na-To


The Na-To certainly is an unusual looking vehicle. It is based on the hull of the Chi-So medium tracked carrier, which gives it an odd look, almost resembling a tracked tractor. The Na-To uses the 7.5 cm Type 5 cannon, same as on the Chi-To. The gun is mounted on a “turret” with limited traverse, while its armor is absolutely pathetic at 12 / 12 / 4 mm, meaning that the Na-To WILL get overmatched by about everything. Only two of them were ever built, they never saw action.

I would like to point one thing out. While the Type 5 75 mm is a potent gun for a tier 6 medium tank, it isn’t strong enough for a very poorly armored tier 6 tank destroyer. That is one of the problems I had to face with my proposal. The Na-To fits more into tier 5, while the Ho-Nis also would fit into lower tiers than they are now. Sure, wouldn’t I just remove the Ku-Se and downtier these tanks? Well it isn’t that simple. If I downtier the Na-To, it leaves a hole in tier 6. I would just downtier the tier 7 TD then… but it would leave a hole in tier 7, and the cycle continues.

There ARE candidates for the tier 6 slot, but the tier 6 candidates are basically either a Japanese Churchill GCs or a very obscure TD based on the Chi-Ri that has extremely limited information and possibly wasn’t even real. That’s why it is honestly just better to uptier the Ho-Nis and the Na-To, giving them stronger guns as upgrades. As long as they have their historical gun options and their top guns are not completely unrealistic (hey, we have the E 75 with a 128 mm gun jammed into basically a Tiger II turret…), I think it is fine to uptier them. At least they don’t rely on their armor so we don’t have to modify that.

Anyways, back to the Na-To. As a gun upgrade, I propose basically the same solution WG applied with the 10cm gun of the O-Ni and O-Ho: Make the premium ammo the regular kind,  adding a new premium ammo (that the O-Ho doesn’t have on its 10 cm gun). This gives the Na-To roughly 180 / 210 mm penetration, which would be quite good. The speciality of the Na-To would be a gun with blisteringly high rate of fire, good accuracy and decent penetration. The Na-To would be an excellent sniper, one of the best in its tier, but it comes at the cost of having useless armor and a somewhat mediocre mobility.


Crew: 6

Weight: 13,7 tons

Armor: 12 / 12 / 4

Engine: 234 hp

Top speed: 43

HP: 600

Gun: 75 mm Type 5, 75 mm Type 5 Model 1, 75 mm Type 5 Model 1 Kai

Alpha damage: 135 / 135 / 175

Penetration: 186 / 211 / 38

Gun depression/elevation: -8 / +19

The Na-To has no armor, is a relatively large target despite its low weight and has extremely low alpha damage for its tier, but what it does have is an exceptional rate of fire and accuracy. The Na-To is the final tank of the line that carries a 75 mm gun. The next vehicle is conceptually similar, but it has one major change – a bigger gun.


Tier 7: Ka-To



The Ka-To is relatively similar to the Na-To in its concept. The pseudo-turret is based on that of the Na-To, mounted on the hull of the Chi-Ri. The main difference compared to the Na-To however is the gun: instead of a 75 mm gun, the Ka-To uses a 105 mm gun. There is not too much information available about the vehicle. One partially finished prototype is said to be built, but the fate of it is unknown.

The gun, 105 millimeters in caliber, hits much harder than the one of the Na-To, having more than twice the alpha damage. Like the Na-To, the Ka-To has a pseudo-turret, giving it a wide gun arc. The hull is large and poorly armored, so the Ka-To is vulnerable when caught in the open. Just like the Na-To, the Ka-To should fight its opponents from afar.

Crew: 6

Weight: 30 tons

Armor: 25 / 20 / 20

Engine: 500 hp (stock), 550 hp (upgrade)

Top speed: 40

HP: 950

Gun: 105 mm gun Type 5

Alpha damage: 330 / 330 / 430

Penetration: 202 / 239 / 48

Gun depression/elevation: -8 / +20

The Ka-To is like the Na-To on steroids. Similar vehicle, but instead of the rapid-firing, super accurate gun, it packs way more punch. The Ka-To is the final tank that represents unusual, very poorly armored tank destroyers. The tier 8-10 are somewhat different vehicles.


Tier 8: Ho-Ri I


The Ho-Ri I is built on the chassis of the Chi-Ri medium tank with a fully enclosed casemate. The Type 1 variant has a casemate located in the back of the vehicle. The Ho-Ri project was divided in two alternative designs, the Ho-Ri I is the first of the two. The Ho-Ri I was never built in favor of the more advanced Ho-Ri design, the Ho-Ri III.

The armor of the Ho-Ri is… unimpressive, as it has the same hull armor as the Chi-Ri, while the casemate armor is increased to 100 mm… which is still quite unimpressive. The 10 cm Experimental Tank gun (which is already, although unhistorically, found on the Japanese heavies in-game) was a powerful anti-tank gun meant to be mounted on the Ho-Ris. The special feature of the gun is an autoloading mechanism, based on that of the Chi-Ri’s. This gives the Ho-Ri I a unique playstyle: Think of a turretless Chi-Ri with much higher alpha damage and penetration. (The stock gun has 215 mm penetration.) Like with the Na-To, the upgraded gun is simply a stock gun that uses premium shells as its standard ammunition, with a more powerful shell type as its new premium shells.

Crew: 6

Weight: ~40 tons

Armor: 100 / 35 / 35

Engine: 500 hp (stock), 550 hp (upgrade)

Top speed: 40

HP: 1400

Gun: 10 cm Experimental Tank Gun, 10 cm Experimental Tank Gun model I

Alpha damage: 330 / 330 / 430

Penetration: 242 / 282 / 48

Autoloader: 3 rounds

Intra-clip reload: 1,8 seconds

Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20

The Ho-Ri is definitely an interesting vehicle with poor armor and large size, but it also features a powerful autoloading gun with very short intra-clip reload, good gun depression and high HP pool.


Tier 9: Ho-Ri II


The Ho-Ri II is the second variant of the Ho-Ri-projects. Though it is rather similar to the first variant, this version has a mid-mounted casemate, giving it similar looks to the Jagdtiger. Like the Ho-Ri I, the II variant was never built.

The Ho-Ri II has a similar armor layout compared to the Ho-Ri I, which is exceptionally poor for a tier 9 TD. The Ho-Ri II, as an upgrade, gets a stronger version of the 10 cm gun with higher penetration and shell velocity.

Crew: 6

Weight: ~40 tons

Armor: 100 / 35 / 35

Engine: 500 HP, 550 HP, 650 HP

Top speed: 40

HP: 1800

Gun: 10 cm Experimental Tank gun, 10 cm Experimental Tank Gun model I, 10 cm Experimental high-power Tank Gun

Alpha damage: 330 / 330 / 430

Penetration: 290 / 329 / 48

Autoloader: 3 rounds

Intra-clip reload: 1.5 seconds

Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20

The Ho-Ri II is the natural evolution of the Ho-Ri I. It retains the same armor, but it gains a major penetration boost, a faster intra-clip and more health, as well as a middle-mounted casemate, which is a little more comfortable when it comes to peeking from corners.


Tier 10: Ho-Ri III


Wooden mockup, produced during the early steps of the project, has an incorrect scale.


And here we are, at the tier 10 Japanese TD. The Ho-Ri III, also known as Ho-Ri Toku, was the penultimate Japanese TD design. It was designed to fix some faults and fill the army requirements of the time. This includes a significantly heavier armor compared to that of the Ho-Ri I and II. The aim was to challenge any potential American anti-tank gun: the upper front plate was 125 mm thick, sloped at 70 degrees, while the casemate’s armor was 250 mm thick. However, the sides were still frail and the lower plate was also a weak spot

The Ho-Ri III used the same gun as both of the earlier Ho-Ri variants. However, an idea of using tungsten-chrome-steel alloy shells were proposed at some point, potentially giving the vehicle very high penetration.

Reportedly one prototype of the Ho-Ri III was produced. However, the production model had a thinner armor at 75 mm. A total of 5 vehicles were ordered, but Japan lost the war before production could start.

Crew: 6

Weight: ~45 tons

Armor: 125 / 35 / 35, 250 mm on casemate

Engine: 900 hp

Top speed: 40

HP: 2000

Gun: 10 cm Experimental high-power Tank Gun

Alpha damage: 330 / 330 / 430

Penetration: 290 / 329 / 48

Autoloader: 3 rounds

Intra-clip reload: 1.5 seconds

Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20

The Ho-Ri III is the apex of the Japanese tank destroyer line. The gun is comparable to that of the Ho-Ri II. However, the Ho-Ri III’s special feature is something that the Ho-Ri II or any of the other Japanese TDs did not have, frontal armor. The Ho-Ri III also gains a significant engine power boost compared to Ho-Ri II, making it a relatively mobile vehicle.

Compared to the current tier 10 TDs, the Ho-Ri III is best comparable to the Object 263. Compared to the 263, the Ho-Ri III has less alpha damage, has lower top speed and has a slightly weaker armor. However, it has an autoloader system, much better gun depression and no open top. The Ho-Ri III is best described as a fusion of the Object 263 and the Chi-Ri. The Ho-Ri III would certainly be a very unique vehicle.


And that marks the end of the main line of the Japanese TDs. Japan certainly has a colorful arsenal of different vehicles: The Japanese mediums have poor armor, but high DPM, above average penetration and good gun depression, while the Japanese heavies have very thick frontal armor, powerful howitzer guns and are one of the biggest vehicles in the game.

The Japanese TDs on the other hand have low alpha damage for a TD, generally one of the lowest in their tiers, with the exception of the tier 10. Their armor is also lacking and after the midtiers even their camo is not outstanding. However they make it up for that by having very good accuracy, a good rate of fire, high penetration and good gun depression values. At higher tiers the Japanese TDs gain an autoloader and the tier 10 (breaking the habit) has a fairly respectable frontal armor.


This is not the final part of my Japanese TD line proposal, however. The third and final part will handle the premium candidates – there are a few of those too! Stay tuned!


42 thoughts on “Japanese TD line proposal, Part II: Tier VI – X

    1. By their look, sort of, but the tier X looks more like a 212A with long gun to me :)

      However in playstyle ; tier 6 would he comparable to T67 : insane rof, poor alpha, no armor. But not full turret. In between T67 and E25 then.

      And tier 8+ look like TD versions of the czech Skoda T50, which is interesting. I want to see them in game and play them lol ; but not on city/corridor maps unfortunately.


  1. Wonder if any more of these will make it into Warthunder soon. With wargaming it will probably be three years if not at all


    1. They’ll be on WT, but since Gaijin loathes everything Japanese, they’ll implement them with gacial turret rotation, missing ammo types, and at a BR that makes you say “Gee I wish I were in a US tank right now”


        1. Theoretically you would make full line to tier 10 though that would be basically full clone line for most part.

          I dont think adding the other tanks would be necessary, but I think that BT-42 should see a light of the day in the game. The best chance of BT-42 appearing in the game is as German or Soviet premium tier 4-5 TD, though, but that would be still better than nothing.


          1. Ok, thahks for answering. Do you think there are any chances of a full Romanian tree? (the one SovietTD is working on)


  2. Will these be submitted to Wargaming as legit proposals for a Japanese TD line, or are these articles doomed to be fan discussions and nothing more?

    Also, I’m curious about the premiums, a premium Na-To with the Chi-Ri 3-shot gun would be awesome (yes I’m serious).


    1. If I would get a possibility I would go in and propose this for WG, but sadly I dont think that is going to be possible.


      1. Why wouldn’t it be possible? Seb said WG has seen one of their first post about Romanian tanks. Isn’t there any way to send it to wg?


      2. I am pretty sure WG already has everything needed on japanese TDs because they are not exactly secret, unlike how the O-I was until 2015
        the decision to hold it may have other reasons


  3. I dont see point getting the tier 10 when tvp has 1 more shell ,same intraclip delay , same premium ammo pen on faster more versatile chassis that houses better autoloader inside turret


    1. You didnt factor some things, like the fact TVP has no armor (this thing has pretty solid armor), it has HEAT as premium and this has AP (and higher pen too, AP >>> HEAT), and i didnt even mention some other statistics like full accuracy or magazine reload. The magazine reload would likely be significantly faster than that of TVP, and i assume it would be much more accurate too.

      And they were just rough stats to give impression what they potentially would be. I didnt create full stats, as that is WG’s job, even if their recent “balances” has been quite wonky.


  4. I’m actually really damn impress.
    I came to find bronze but found gold.

    So the gun for the tier 10 is the 10cm experimental kai tank gun?
    Kai as in upgraded.


    1. “Kai” can be loosely translated to “Super”, afterall it is used in other things that usually cannot be upgraded
      example: «Dragon Ball Kai» is «Dragon Ball Super», not «Dragon Ball Upgraded»


        1. if you say so, I only said what I’ve seen in many different occasions, specially in different japanese publications when they use english words to give more impact, it does not really matter to me


          1. Urakaze is right. And, in fact, you’re wrong in the same example you used (DB Kai was the modified version of DBZ, while DB Super, using the kanji for “chou”, is its sequel).


  5. So, it took me some but I can finally make my comment.
    These designs are quite interesting, especially the tier 6, Na-To. It would fit in the game quite well, considering how there are plans to add actual half-tracked vehicles, like a katyusha.
    Can’t wait for the next part!


  6. Will the chi ri branch out and lead to HoRi 1 ?? If so then they really need buffing the damn medium since it will use a 105mm as stock might as well give the chi ri a 105mm gun the conventional one and use that gun as stock gun of Ho ri 1


  7. It’s great to see more interest in the Japanese TD line, that’s for sure.

    However, there’s a few things that need to be pointed out about the information you’ve listed in these two articles:

    – Placing the Ku-Se at tier 3 creates an odd scenario where you can reach a Ke-Ho variant one tier before the actual light tank. This really isn’t a problem in itself, especially when the Ho-Ru in tier 2 is already out of chronological order. That said, with the weapons on hand and the characteristics of the chassis, you could just as easily put the Ku-Se at tier 4.

    – Putting the 105mm howitzer on the Ho-Ni I effectively eliminates an entire vehicle from a potential historical Japanese SPG line that, unlike the tank destroyers, has far more limited options available.

    – The Ho-Ni III did not historically use the 75mm Type 90, that was instead the main armament of the Ho-Ni I. The Ho-Ni III was built with the 75mm Type 3, which you already have listed as the stock gun.

    – There is actually another historical gun choice for the Na-To, one that makes its place at tier 6 fully viable. The Japanese had purchased a license to produce their own version of the German 75mm Pak 41 AT gun under the name of “Type Ge”. It could use tungsten based ammunition capable of fairly high penetration (say ~200mm at 100m), and was successfully tested on the Na-To.

    – I believe the Ka-To was actually based on the Chi-To chassis and was developed parallel to the Ho-Ri project, rather like how the Chi-To was developed parallel to the Chi-Ri. Its 105mm gun is actually a variant of the same gun used on the Ho-Ri.

    – The names Ho-Ri I and Ho-Ri II are largely informal titles for the two design proposals for the project. As the “Ho-Ri III” was actually built in some capacity and accepted for production, it would just be called the Type 5 Ho-Ri. This does make it rather confusing though!

    – Unfortunately, one of the largest inaccuracies present in these articles is also one of the most interesting ones. The Ho-Ri projects never had an autoloader in their designs. Rather, the 10cm Experimental Tank Gun used a semi-automatic loading system, where the crew would place a shell in the correct spot, and the device would then load the shell from there automatically. That said, because of said semi-automatic loading system, you can easily justify an amazingly high DPM stat for all three of the Ho-Ri designs, especially when you consider that the sixth crew member for the Type 5 Ho-Ri was likely an extra loader.

    Most of this information comes from Eun Ae Sun, who can be credited with bringing the Japanese ground forces to life in War Thunder. Check out her Sensha blog or her various War Thunder Reddit posts.


    1. there’s no other way around, the Ho-Ru and Ku-Se (I think the Ho-I should take this spot instead, since it was actually built with similar or the same gun) have to be the starting tiers ahead of their base designs because there is nothing else weak enough, even the 2 rhings based on the Type 95 would be ahead it’s chassis, and despite being a older chassis it was too powerfull for tier 2 and 3


      1. There is an alternative way, for sure. Remove the Ku-Se from the regular tree, and bump the Ho-Ni I and Ho-Ni III down to tiers 3 and 4 respectively. The Ho-Ni I can use both its historical Type 90 and Type 99 guns, and the Ho-Ni III can use both the Type 99 and its historical Type 3.

        To fill the gap in tier 5, you can now realistically use the Ji-Ro, the Type 95 Heavy based vehicle you mentioned. It could use the Type 14 10cm cannon as its stock weapon, and the Type 92 10cm cannon as its historical configuration upgrade. Both weapons are already in the game on the O-I Exp. and O-I for reference.

        The Ji-Ro would be heavily comparable to the French S35 CA with its 10cm gun, trading mobility and concealment for a bit more firepower. The downside to this would be that the next tank in the line would bring the player back to using 75mm guns, though in a much more flexible chassis.

        The Ku-Se is then open for use as a low tier premium tank, and thus brings the total number of blueprint only tanks in the regular line down to 2.

        Also, the Ho-I is already in World of Tanks as the Chi-He equipped with the Type 99 75mm gun.


        1. After doing a few comparisons of other TDs in tier 2 and 3, the Ho-Ni I and III would be left rather underwhelming if they only used the Type 90, Type 99, and Type 3.

          It would be best to go with the original proposal for their guns. The Type 90 to Type 3 for the Ho-Ni I, and the Type 3 to Type 5 for the Ho-Ni III.

          Again, this is all just an alternative for if the Ku-Se being introduced in an earlier tier before the Ke-Ho is unacceptable to Wargaming.

          And as a quick edit to the last comment, the Chi-He was also equipped with the Experimental 57mm gun. If I recall correctly, the Type 99 and 57mm share the same mounting, hence the Ku-Se’s proposed armament.


          1. – Ku-Se is way too weak for tier 4. It is just a Ke-Ho without turret and armaments are not much stronger. It is not first time a TD variant is lower tier than the actual tank (Valentine AT and Valentine, for example), so it perfectly fine to add it as tier 3. It is not unacceptable to be earlier tier than Ke-Ho as like i said there are already such cases in-game.

            – Ho-Ni III did have Type 3 gun, not Type 90. I even listed the Type 3 as stock gun. My bad, really, will fix that.

            – It more or less would “defeat” arty line, however, it realistically will ever happen. I think WG did say in their QAs that there never will be new arty lines or something. We are lucky if we get the TDs. Also if it is problematic the 105 mm option would be just removed from Ho-Ni I.

            – Ji-Ro does not fit the line at all. Going from semi-mobile TD with 75mm gun to slow, derpy TD and then back to semi mobile TD with 75 mm gun is silly. It also wouldnt be very fun to play; Type 95 is slow as Maus more or less and has no armor, and on that tier 105 mm gun would likely have terrible soft stats like S35 CA. Then again it also makes 0 sense chronologically after Ho-Nis, though it is not a problem with Ho-Ru as tier 2 which ironically is actually one of the latest Japanese TDs. Ji-Ro is one of the premium candidates, though.

            – Yes, I actually forgot about that gun for Na-To, which would be just about fantastic but also historical upgrade and can justify keeping the tank as Tier 6. Otherwise Na-To is tier 5 material. Good point.

            – Ka-To is actually on Chi-To chassis after checking Mai’s Reddit post. Lots of cources erronously stated it is based on Chi-Ri. What is however extremely confusing is that Ka-To has longer hull and suspension is practically identical to that of Chi-Ri. Chi-Ri itself is basically longer Chi-To so it is now actually very good question that if it is on lengthened Chi-To hull or Chi-Ri hull?

            It does not use exactly the same gun as Ho-Ri, for what i can recall, but instead a bit different version of it like you stated. For instance, it does not have the loading mechanism, mantlet and the general appearence is different. Performance-wise it would be somewhat similar, however.

            – Yes, Ho-Ri did not have similar, “true autoloader” like the French for example; it has semi-automatic loading mechanism similar to 7.5 cm anti tank gun AKA the Chi-Ri gun, so for in-game purposes, 3 round autoloader would theoretically still work, just like Chi-Ri has.

            And lack of autoloader is not even that big problem, really. You could still balance tier 8 and 10 with stupidly high DPM, tho tier 9 becomes tricky with its armor. Even without autoloader, the tier 10 would be somewhat unique vehicle. I think one would increase alpha of Ho-Ri I to 390 while do the “TD alpha increase” (like JT with 560 or 263 with 550 alpha even if they have guns that normally would have 490) for Ho-Ri II/III (around 450).

            – Ho-Ri I, II and III are not the “true” names but they are best options for names and less confusing. Chi-Nu II, which is already on War Thunder and effectively Chi-Nu on elite configuration (note: NOT Chi-Nu Kai), was never actually labeled as Chi-Nu II, either.


            1. – I definitely agree that the Ku-Se is a much better fit for tier 3, and admittedly I forgot about the Valentine AT. I guess that takes care of that!

              – I don’t remember them saying that they would not add a new SPG line, but as things currently stand that’s probably the case. If they do eventually fine tune the class for the better, however, it would be great to have a new SPG line for an established nation at the ready.

              – Again, the Ji-Ro is just something of a fallback if one tank just doesn’t quite meet the dev’s standards. It’s fantastic premium tank material all the same.

              – The Ka-To’s elongated hull is definitely an oddity, and I can’t seem to find an explanation for the extra wheel. On the other hand, I strongly believe that it cannot be the Chi-Ri hull. The engine deck and exhaust system has a striking resemblance to the Chi-To Prototype’s.

              – I mentioned the similarities of the Ka-To and Ho-Ri’s guns on autopilot, and it really wasn’t meant to prove a point. The fact that they are for different projects could maybe help differentiate the names of the guns in the upper tier TDs a bit more though. You could also use the would-be production name of the gun (i.e. Type 5 10cm Anti-Tank Gun) to help distinguish the final gun in the line.

              – The Chi-Ri did indeed have a single tray automatic loader just like the experimental 10cm, but from what I’ve read, that was the system adopted after the autoloading mechanism for the Chi-Ri was abandoned entirely. The autoloading version of the gun was supposed to have its rounds fed to it via an ammunition belt, with that belt eventually being cut down to just three rounds for simplicity’s sake. The whole idea was scrapped from there.

              And as you said, not having a full on autoloader shouldn’t detract from the Ho-Ri projects at all.

              – From a historical standpoint, the Ho-Ri I, II, III naming structure is somewhat misleading. But for the sake of gameplay, I agree that it should be fine. One alternative could be to add a label to the first two, like “Ho-Ri Prop. I”.

              – One additional thing: From the Ho-Ri article on the Sensha blog, it was stated that the 10cm was constructed already mounted to a shielding plate sized to the specifications of the Ho-Ri. It is also stated that in this configuration, the cannon could depress 15 degrees. This would actually make the Ho-Ri vehicles best in class for gun depression in their respective tiers, though I don’t know if this stat was maintained all the way to the Ho-Ri prototype.


              1. afterall what wiould be the base ROF on the Ho-Ri’s with the semi-automatic loader?
                the one on the Chi-Ri was projected for 30 rpm with 75mm shells, acording to Mai it was not yet “refined” and had issues, in WT they went ahead and gave it a massively pessimistic ROF (32.5sec, 2 clips per minute), even considering potential failures the ROF could be 18~24 rpm with the 75mm gun

                I haven’t read anywhere Mai mention the projected ROF and Daguensui has been silent for a while as well
                I am left with assumptions and considering a 3 round system a 9~12~15 rpm with the 10cm could be viable and a key aspect for the Ho-Ri’s, afterall I don’t know any other TD armed with a similar gun caliber (100mm at least) that has a ROF higher than 10rpm, even the S-tank has 8.94 rpm (100% crew)


  8. Actually, you might be able to do a separate turretted line starting at tier 6.

    Replace the Na-To with the Jiro-Sha, a reasonably well-sloped 105mm armed TD that looked vaguely like a German “Elefant” and was based off the Type 95 heavy. Meanwhile you can have a mini line starting at Tier 6 with the Na-To, moving to the Ka-To at Tier 7 and the ‘Naval 120mm SPG’ at Tier 8. This last vehicle was actually built, and consisted of a Chi-Ha hull with a long-barreled 120mm Type 10 AA gun in a traversible mounting (think WT auf Pz. IV).

    Pics of Chi-Ha (https://ikazuchisen.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/tixco.gif , model: http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~O-NINE/IJN_12cmGunCarrier-03.jpg)

    So, your tech tree would go like this:

    II: Ho-Ru
    III: Ku-Se
    IV: Ho-Ni I
    V: Ho-Ni III
    VI: Jiro-Sha —> Na-To
    VII: Ho-Ri I Ka-To
    VIII: Ho-Ri II WT auf Chi Ha |
    IX: Ho-Ri III <————————
    X: Fictitious O-I inspired TD (heard someone at WG was considering this b/c Ho-Ri is inadequate for that level)

    To make the Ho-Ris more competitive you could also start opening up other guns to use besides the 105mm, such as the 120mm on the Chi-Ha gun carrier or even something like the Type 5 15cm AA gun for the Ho-Ri III; the end result in the latter case would be like a better armored but slower Ob'yekt 704. Even though this wasn't historical, it would prevent them from being stuck at low alpha-105mm guns and give players a greater range of options and incentives to try out the line.

    It could also help address the Ho-Ri II's weak armor that high in the tree; by maxing out at a 105mm for the HR I, 120mm for HR II, and 150mm for HR III, a real sense of progression is felt that would enable the vehicle to keep up at its tier; otherwise the Ho-Ri II would be basically the same as the Ho-Ri I and would have little to offer over its predecessor while being a tier higher.


  9. Leggasiini, its been almost a week now since this second part of the article. Will you post the next one tomorrow, or Ill wait more?? Sorry if you find this comment offensive, but Im really curious about the 3rd part :)


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