War Thunder – World War Q&A 09.06.2017

War Thunder will begin testing the new game mode “World War” soon and squadrons will be the first that will be able to take part in the tests. In the meantime, for the commanders submitting applications we will answer the most popular questions about the new game mode.

Why will the CBT of “World War” mode only be available to squadrons?​

Answer: Tasks for the initial CBT stages will be specifically testing of the strategic mode and this is more practical for organized communities and squadron leaders. So learn to command or join one of the existing squadrons.

How will CBT be done?​


  1. The technical test stage (searching and correcting critical errors which were overlooked during internal tests). We will select between 2 and 6 squadrons with more mutually agreed dates and time of the game, game nations and number of players.
  2. Balancing stage. 10-30 squadrons which will be chosen randomly from the total of all squadrons that passed the selection criteria.
  3. Stress-test stage. 30+ squadrons in the battle (here we will try to allow all squadrons that passed the selection criteria to participate).

Are there any features of the CBT?​

Answer: For optimisation of the number of players in battles for the tests in each team will be less than is planned for start of the final “World War” mode. The exact amount of players will be determined by the results of the CBT, but we have planned for it to be higher than in random battles.

We have only pilots in the squadron and we don’t use ground vehicles. Will we be able to participate in the CBT?​

Answer: You cannot win a war with only aircraft and the a commander without flexible tactics and a variety of forces will be a less successful commander. You need ground vehicles and aircraft, if not by all squadron members  then preferably, most of them.
The war is looming. Work out your tactics, work on the unity of the team and research vehicles.

“World War” game mode will only be available to squadrons after the CBT?​

Answer: We plan to invite solo players to these battles, but of course the leadership of whole armies will be available only for squadron commanders.

How will solo players be able to participate?​

Answer: Preparation for the battle will start and the initial sign up will be available for squadron members. After the battle begins, single players will be able to join if a squadron isn’t able to fill available places with its warriors. Every player will also be able to monitor the progress of each operation in real time.

If I create a squadron with several friends will I be able to be a “World War” commander?​

Answer: Participation of a squadron in the “World War” mode will probably require a specific minimum amount of players as without sufficient manpower the squadron will be less effective. The exact requirements will be established based on the results of the CBT but the requirements after the end of CBT will most likely be lower.

You can ask your question to the developers on our official forum in the “Questions to the Team” section.