Supertest: Sunny Valley Changes (Sandbox Map)

1. The city was redesigned – heavy tanks could not fully use the old version of the city, because it consisted of a small number of sectors, as well as large open spaces.
2. Restricted access to the central part of the map (castle),
3. This area lacked diversity. Added elements that will allow intense gameplay but still remaining somewhat open.
4. Updated the spawn in order to provide a more equal footing for both teams.

Map video:


9 thoughts on “Supertest: Sunny Valley Changes (Sandbox Map)

  1. What about all the other maps?
    I remember articles about multiple winter maps, including the one with battleships wrecked and frozen in ice! When will those show up?


  2. Seems WG is still doing the 2 old mistakes with maps, 1) putting a massive obstacle in the middle and 2) separating the map into a HT flank and a LT/MT/TD flank. WG should take some map inspiration from Company of Heroes 2 :)

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