Miloš Jeřábek Q&A

Miloš Jeřábek is Development Director of World of Tanks.

Source: Polish portal Gamezilla.

Translated by atikabubu

During the World of Tanks Grand Finals in Moscow, Wargaming announced ranked battles for tier X tanks. We used the occasion and a few hours later, we asked the director of the WoT Development Dpt. Miloš Jeřábek about them

Marcin Strzyżewski: I have to ask every tanker about this – how much battles do you have behind you?

Miloš Jeřábek: At this point it’s about fourteen thousand with a win ratio somewhere between fifty and fifty-one percent.


Q: I wanted to ask you what the next big thing will be that you’ll add to ‘tanks’. During the conference, however, you told us that it would be ranked battles. Tell us more about them.

A: What we lack in the game is an endgame. Something for players which already achieved Tier X. One of our directors, Thaine Lyman, says that a Tier X tank is something akin to a Ferrari in your garage. You’ll most likely not drive it for shopping, because your Skoda will just perform better. Ranked battles should be that exact purpose why you should take your Ferrari for a spin. The new mode is dedicated solely to Tier X and the best players who achieved this level. The system will be seasonal. The first season starts on June 5th on the EU server. A season will consist of four weeklong sections. During each week we’ll be divided into five rank, defining just how hood we are. To get points, you have to be amongst the best twelve players of the winning team, or the three best in the losing team. We understand that sometimes, a player will have a great match and show his skill, but in the end, due to various reasons, his team will lose. A player like that has to be rewarded. On the other hand, sometimes it happens that you win, but you were only a burden for your teammates. In such a situation you’ll lose a point, not gain one. By gathering points one will be able to get to higher ranks. By the end of a season, every player will be rewarded accordinly to their performance and the place in the ranking they achieved.

Q: In the new mode we’ll be earning a new currency – bonds. What can we buy for them?

A: The first thing you can buy is improved equipment, the second directives. Improved equipment are the items we know from the game already, just strengthened, more effective. Of course we’re trying to keep everything balanced here. Directives in turn are personal reserves, just bound to a specific tank. Thanks to this we will be able to strengthen our crew or tank.


Q: Will we be able to use these special bonuses outside of ranked battles?

A: Yes, we will be able to use them in all modes – random battles, clan wars or strongholds.


Q: Do you plan to expand ranked battles to lower tiers?

A: At this moment, we’re focusing on Tier X. Never say never though, because there are internal talks about it, but it’s definitely something we do not want to implement in the near future.


Q: The next big changeS which appeared in the game was the way artillery works. Now self-propelled guns fire faster, although they’re weaker, albeit they can now stun the enemy crew. How did these changes influence the number of people wanting to play arty.

A: From the beginning we knew that we can’t look at the data from the first two days. It was like a shockwave. Every player wanted to jump into their SPG and see what we did to it. At this moment, the data regarding arty usage is similar to what we saw before the update. Arty usage is just a bit smaller than previously. Previously, playing arty was a bit like sitting on a chat, because you talked more than you played. Now we sped up reloading, and increased accuracy and splash radius. Arty now deals less damage, however, the stun mechanics enable us to actually influence the outcome of the battle more times.


Q: Do you see a change in average XP earned by players playing arty?

A: We’re monitoring it all the time. There are differences, but they stem out of the fact that people have to learn how to play arty in the new reality. Patch 9.18 is just the beginning, since we’ll be analyzing the data and fixing the game continously.


Q: The other big novelty is the improved matchmaker. Before the interview I’ve read WoT forums and found player complaining that they ended up in 13vs13 games. How is that possible?

A: Such a situation happened in the first days after the update was implemented. Many people played light tanks and arty at that time, because those classes underwent a lot of changes. The game tries to make a match with perfect parameters. The best one is a team of 3-5-7 tanks. We also take into account the type of the vehicles. Sometimes, however, to achieve a perfect balance, you need to wait for too long. In such a situation the game lowers the bar for a match. The last resort of the matchmaker is to cut the player count. Such situations shouldn’t happen anymore.


Q: Let’s get back to the matchmaker itself. It doesn’t take player skill into account?

A: No, we definitely won’t introduce something like that.


Q: In ranked battles you decided to do it nonetheless?

A: I would be careful here. It’s not a matchmaker entirely based on skill, but ranks instead. Depending on your results in battles, you will advance to higher ranks or drop to lower ones, thus, you will be matched against peoples with the same rank. Everyone will be starting from scratch during a new season. The first battles will decide who goes up, and who falls down.


Q: I asked this question to Wargaming employees a lot of times, but you have to understand that I have to do this again. It’s important both to the players and me. What about Polish tanks? Did anything change?

A: (laughs) As soon as I saw Polish press on the interview list, I knew that I won’t be spared this question. Right now, our historians are gathering all data and projects, and the balance guys are considering all options. At this moment I don’t have anything solid, but you should definitely watch the news and wait.



13 thoughts on “Miloš Jeřábek Q&A

  1. Well, confused about that answer:

    Q: Do you plan to expand ranked battles to lower tiers?

    A: At this moment, we’re focusing on Tier X. Never say never though, because there are internal talks about it, but it’s definitely something we want to implement in the near future.

    We are focusing on Tier X. -> Ok. Not, yet.
    Never say never, because we had internal talks about it. -> Aha, they talked about that.
    BUT – its definitely somthing we want to implement in the the near future. -> Wait, what??

    At the end we went from -“No” to “it might come at some point in the future” to “we want to implement in the NEAR future”.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I keep being amazed how the internet brings the asshole out of people. You couldn’t just say “look, you misread that”, you had to add the “learn to read” party, didn’t you? Seriously, it’s like being a complete dick is the standard style of communication nowadays.


        1. I didn’t misread anything, the text was changed. He would notice by just read the copied part. But maybe he is just not that good with his own “learn to read” advice .


  2. Actually they do have skill based MM . With my stats, I picked up several Tier 8 tanks, and in 30 games I had 2 times Tier 8 battle. Never seen T7 or Tier 6. All the other were 12x Tier 9 and rest was Tier 10 battles. Actually it’s very clever system. The better you are, less impact you can have on a battle. So I deleted the game. (also ranked battles are golden shower – pisses me off).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Q: Let’s get back to the matchmaker itself. It doesn’t take player skill into account?

    A: No, we definitely won’t introduce something like that.

    I think I have realized why they are always avoiding this. If they actually implemented it, all the players would get the same, equal matchmaking, and no 15-5 to 15-0 roflstomps could ever happen, as the bad players would not get in the same team.

    Based on that research, proving how the matchmaker is giving you bad and good battles, based on what ‘phase’ you are in, this unwillingless of WG proves my point.

    So much bullshit. Rigged crap.


    1. I had the misfortune of playing skill-based mm in Armored Warfare for a while, and no one was happy with it. Unicums complained that they always had to carry because the better the player, the weaker his teammates, and bad players either complained that they had no impact on the match at all, or kept quiet and let themselves be carried by better players. It only generated frustration and fractured the playerbase even more than necessary.

      Also, landslides did happen with skill mm as well, it was not uncommon for a platoon of unicums to carry a whole match.


      1. Are you sure it was skill based MM?
        I mean, if the skill level of all players in the battle is equal, then how can some be better than the others?..


        1. The skill of the individual player was not equal to their mirror in the enemy team. As MMs said, the matchmaker created teams by averaging the winrate of the whole team to 50%, or something as close to it as possible. Therefore, it was entirely possible for one team to be made of three unicums and 12 bobs, and the other to be made of more good players (but not unicums) and average-bad ones. Also, the stated goal of this was exactly what MMs said at the end of his comment – to have a global winrate as ‘equal’ as possible. Good players either carried hard or could not keep their beloved purple stats, bad players could just sit back and get carried.


          1. So it was no real skill based matchmaking.
            See, the skill based matchmaking I’m talking about is the mirroring one team’s skill to the other, picking the opposing players to be equal in terms of skill (so winrate, basically).
            AW did a stupid with what they have decided to do, let us not dwell on that topic any further.


      2. There was no skill based mm in AW, what was there (for some time) was a forced 50% wr MM. Both teams would ideally get an equal number of unicunts, potatoes, tomatoes, non-humans, and so on. If getting an equal number of each cateogry wasn’t possible, it would force the 50% wr chance by swapping the other players around. For instance: if one team had 2 unicunts, and the other had only 1, the team with more unicunts would get more tomatoes as well.
        Hence why they would complain, the matches were rigged against skilled player (by forcing their winrate to drop), and rigged for unskilled players (by forcing their winrate up).

        That’s not what skill based is, skill based means you’ll win or lose points depending on victory/defeat, and the game will put you only against people of similar skill.
        For example, if you have 1500 points, you’ll only play people around that as well, if you win, you get to play with the 1600 players, if you lose, you’ll play the 1400ers.
        This type of rank doesn’t enforce wr, but naturally, as you reach your true skill, your winrate you’ll go to 50% (you’ll be losing and winning an equal number of games versus a similarly skilled player).


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