War Thunder – World War Mode Beta

Gaijin’s own Clan Wars in the making.

Commanders, officers and other Squadron members, attention! In the nearest future we plan to run a closed test for the “World War” mode. The squadrons that will take part in the testing will be chosen through applications.

Please notice that each test session requires at least 26 players (1 commander/officer, 20 members and 5 people for the back-up)

Click this to send an application (the application form is only available for commanders, their deputies, and officers!)


6 thoughts on “War Thunder – World War Mode Beta

  1. war thunder was indeed missing gamemodes specifically for “clans”, there are tournaments but that is not a clan “exclusive” event (as in you can play with members from other clans, you do not need to play only with your members)
    honestly I think PVE and historical battles campaigns should be priorities (or PVE+PVE historical battles) but we can already see through the many events that even most of those claiming for historical battles and “historical” (year based) balance don’t actually want to play TRUE historical battles, it always happens that the side with the advantage gets a much longer qeue and better winrate
    furthermore it is not even the case of most of those events being truly historically balanced since they need to offer a chance to both teams
    the other mode I am interested about is the confirmed event with all 3 branches, but since naval battles are still far away I guess «clan wars» can be added first


  2. Gimme the good ol’ arcade mode, remove ultra low cheat settings from sim mode, bring back the old tier system and i’m back in a heartbeat. This though….not enough to convince me.


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