WoWS: ASIA Supertester Drama

Sent by an anonymous reader (who claimed that the forum thread about this was deleted). Date: 11th May.

Long story short: This [BLUMR] guy (A) is a player but also a supertester from the ASIA server, from a clan consisting of mostly supertesters and ST Coordinators. He was pi**ed because he saw someone from the clan [ATLAS] (B) camping in his Yamato. As you can see in the picture, (A) did not show his provocation which somehow forced (B) to bring out (A)’s stats, that’s it.

Here is the problem, not only is he one of administrators of a Vietnamese WoWS group, but he is also a supertester. He is trying to convince his members and other clans to declare war on [ATLAST] but that’s not all. He also tells them that even insulting, teamkilling is acceptable and if someone gets a 3-day ban for that, he will tell his moderators, probably someone from his clan to pardon them.

This is unacceptable behaviour, especially coming from a supertester. Why? Because supertesters already can freely “name and shame” someone directly to moderators, instead of waiting an eternity via support channel. I hope any moderators/admins of the ASIA server can read this and tell him to refrain from such actions.


18 thoughts on “WoWS: ASIA Supertester Drama

  1. *Sigh* This is the reason why I never go to SEA server, despite I’m from the SEA region. Those SEA player ( Especially the Vietnamese one) in NA is way more enjoyable to sticking around with.


  2. he plays game very noob who is playing Yamoto. Use Yamoto to camp and snip, OMG, if i am him who is a member of clan BLUMR, i will say that, too..


    1. But the point is he was calling for clan war agaisnt that Atlas without Blumr leader’s approval and he even did abuse his relationship with his superior supertesters, if the article is tru.

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      1. clanwar between vnese clans and atlas, it is taken by a vnese, which user profile pic can be seen, and not in blumr clan group, and this single guy, the one posted it on both reddit and here – Tài Trí – should be the one has responsibility here


  3. Welcine to Asia Server everyone :)

    Side note: Most Asia modetators and sT are generally very nice people, although most are also fanboys that can’t really take criticisms. I don’t think they will do anything just because someone complanied, though.


  4. >I hope any moderators/admins of the ASIA server can read this and tell him to refrain from such actions.

    He should lose his place as admin/supertester, why waste time warning these kind of players when everyone knows they won’t give a sh!t because ‘hurr durr I knows teh devs yo beeyotch’.


  5. Well i am a vietnamese and i play SEA server where squaring is pretty common , but point is SEA has a lot of languages and if the squaring is not a language u understand u will never care about it.
    For the most part , squaring come from english speakers.
    However if you think NA is nicer think again , im pretty sure that racism comment and out of th whack provocation are numerous , esp when u have little language barriers.
    SEA has a very passive bow on camping meta unlike NA agressiveness , being agressive on your own in that server is suicidal.
    SEA will not make common mistake like showing broadside or being out of positions frequently , but they do not push and it takes ages for someone to bite the bullet and go up.
    Sebestian i appreciate that u bring this up as i certainly can contact him and have a few words to mind him about it, however the META in every server is different and how ppl play out and expect of each other is quite different. In SEA u have to care for ur own arse because no one will help you , ppl are skilled , but they will not help those that make the mistake in the match and instead exploit it.
    Also looking at the chat line and can certainly see that the provocatuers are more out of line than the pissed guy. Vietnamese’ self respect is very high , so don t step on it and u will be fine.
    Anyone will be pissed if u bring their stats and talk however u want about it

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