WoT Speaks Italian! (no Italian tanks though…)

From the EU Portal. Finally they decided to do something that should have happened 6 years ago.

There are a lot of Italians who play World of Tanks passionately. Many of you have reached high tiers, fought with the most famous tanks in history, and won battles with your teams. It’s about time we give you the importance you deserve with an Italian World of Tanks website, and what better occasion than Italian Republic Day?

World of Tanks wishes to celebrate this event – an undoubtedly significant time in the country’s history – with its Italian players, and so we decided to launch the new Italian portal. Thanks to our Italian team, from 02 June 2017, players will now have access to the news section in Italian, have Customer Service tailored to them thanks to our new Italian team of experts, and they will be able to discuss both news and the game itself on forums managed entirely in Italian.

About Italian Republic Day:

A year had already passed from 25 April 1945, when Sherman tanks paraded the streets of Milan, the last part of Italy to be liberated. Alongside the soldiers, children and young adults jumped on these big beasts and after spending years being afraid of them, they were beginning to consider them vehicles that brought them back to freedom.

A year later, 2 June 1946, the Italian people were called to freely vote after a long time of it being denied to them. They had to decide which new institutional asset post-war Italy was going to embrace. Monarchy or Republic?

The Italians gave their verdict attending the ballot offices in droves. A few days later, the Italian Republic was declared, with the consequent exile of King Humbert II and his family to Switzerland.


10 thoughts on “WoT Speaks Italian! (no Italian tanks though…)

  1. “A year had already passed from 25 April 1945, when Sherman tanks paraded the streets of Milan, the last part of Italy to be liberated.”

    Yes, liberated Italy. From Italians…

    P.S. I`m no fascist, but I really dislike when crap like this is thrown around.


    1. No, from the Germans. When Italy overthrew Mussolini and joined the Allies in 1943, Germany seized control of northern Italy and created a puppet state, the Italian Social Republic.


  2. Wargayming Executive: “Gaijoob recently added pasta planes!”

    Low level employee: “Should we add pasta tanks?”

    *Throws employee out of building*

    Wargayming Executive: “Okay bois, make the Website italian now so we can please the pasta people.”


  3. Incidentally, it’s somewhat questionable whether the referendum to change Italy from monarchy to republic was legitimate. There was considerable suspicion that the outcome was rigged, though nobody could prove it.

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