Strv S1 Available Ingame for Gold

The Swedish tier 8 premium TD was finally added to the ingame store in a recent micropatch. If you have some spare gold lying around, it’s a nice purchase. Price: 10900 Gold.


12 thoughts on “Strv S1 Available Ingame for Gold

  1. I’m a camping bitch and I am really satisfied with this purchase.

    10/10 would stand still at 70m of a E75, unseen and waiting for him to shoot on a target. He was very surprised. Zero need of gold ammo, armor is strollish against small calibers.

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  2. I’m enjoying the Strv S1 and am glad to see it on the tech tree. It’s bush wanking master, and is a better TD than the Skorpion.

    The Skorpion is better at doing things other than being a TD, though.

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        1. It is situational. If sh*t hits the fan, you can make an educated decision. If it will get you the shot, it might be worth popping out of cover if you know that all that’s pointed at you is at most a 90mm gun, which is very common at tier 8 and below.


      1. Most of the Tier 6-8 medium and light tanks have less or exactly 90mm guns, so trust me – there are a lot of things that this TD is immune from front.


    1. Have you played it? Swedish TD’s are the most situational tanks in the game. They are either awesome at camping or terrible at everything else. And as our game has become more of a brawl fest than camp fest, then mostly they are nowhere near good.


      1. not saying it’s bad, in fact this is my new goal for my gold grind… what I mean is tanks in the tech tree are the ones WG is not interested in cash milking. S1 is great now but it will eventually be powercrept by the broken prem cashcows they pull every month.


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