WoT – Update 9.19 review


18 thoughts on “WoT – Update 9.19 review

      1. Spamming gold helps players do more damage, and get more wins, bonds and ranks. Sure it might not help someone who can get the job done with AP, but pretending spamming gold does nothing is just stupid tbh

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  1. All the lead developers of WoT had to do is put zhem finger back in and all would have been fine.

    Now it just running straight out, all over the place.


  2. They’ll have to explain what is the point in playing tier X in random battles since we get the exact same MM as in competitive modes like CW and now Ranked Battles.

    They need to remove the single-tier MM template asap. It’s making tier X not fun at all. Even if the 5/10 MM is more common, tier X don’t need to fight tier VIII’s, but tier X-only battles are just frustrating. Gold everywhere, too much tanks that are too strong (a tier IX autoloader is nothing compared to TVP or BC, same for TDs…), campfests because everyone has max viewrange and now arty cannot hurt them for staying immobile (or at least they wont get hurt more than if they were moving)… Yeah, what an improvement for gameplay.


  3. Where does WG boys get these wonderful ideas?
    Probably Murazor or some other ahole while taking a dump.
    Uaaargh… plonk… lets make some idiotic game mod for tier X, arrgghhhh, plonk…
    lets make people spam gold even more, plooooonk, that will make them buy premium tanks and accounts …
    and what’s with players that dont play tier X?
    Fuuuuuuuck them hard and dont let them cry about it
    Hopefuly, this shit mode will never reach alfa

    And for sure, remove the best thing in new MM, 1tier matches, because, ploooooooooooooooonk, arrggh…


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