WoT Grand Finals Q&A – Part 4

– There are some problems with economy on mid-tier tanks. We’ll analyze and fix the problem;
– We want to implement pneumatic suspension for the STB-1, it’s planned;
– With the new graphics, we want to optimize it so the FPS remains the same as it was with the old graphics;
– There will be no additional equipment slots, only one for ranked battles;
– We do not plan to change premium ammo mechanics and introduce limits on their amount;
– In 9.19, Brothers in Arms will work together with Sisterhood of Steel;
– Erlenberg will most likely be removed, we know about its’ problems;
“Arty is a perfectly fine tank class for autists, what do you dislike?” – Slava Makarov; [TN: seems this answer is a public favourite]
– We do not want to collect money from people to give it to other people, so there will be no compendium like in Dota 2;
– Statistically, less that 5% of all shots are premium rounds;
– We’re working on an updated version of our (WG) rating, there will be separate indicators for each vehicle;
– Murazor is working on buffs for Soviet vehicles: Obj. 268, IS-7, Obj. 140, T-62. Premiums will also be affected: KV-5, IS-6 and others; [TN: what a joke…]
– The first season of Ranked Battles will start on July 5th on the RU server and will last about a month;