WoT – HD maps teaser


23 thoughts on “WoT – HD maps teaser

      1. Kinda ignorant. In some countries in eastern Europe that’s a monthly paycheck…

        Keep in mind you also have to buy OP premiums and goldammo to stay relevant in this game!^^


        1. Well…I’m not telling other to get a new PC ASAP even if they can’t afford it.

          You can still be a good player with normal tanks as long as the PC allows you to. If you have a potato, I can guarantee even running full prem ammo on 252/GFGK will not make you a better player


    1. It’s tomatoes like you with your potato computers that have been holding the game back for far too long. Get a job and buy a better PC….

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    2. Dude the game is so light even some phones could probably run it.

      And as said above ; right now you can get more than decent hardware for very cheap.

      A GTX970 graphic card (~250€) and 8GB of DDR3 ram (~60€) allows you to run it in “ultra” at 1080p with over 80 fps ; and once this isnt enough anymore you can add another 970 in SLI because by that time they’ll be even cheaper than now (1060 cards do not support SLI) : double the power for almost nothing.

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      1. I think even 750Ti will do the job. This game is more CPU heavy so you could spend a bit more on CPUs. Or even go cheap and get FX6300.


  1. Love it how they are talking about leaving bushes in exactly the same place with exactly the same shape, while showing a video, where you can clearly see how a very big part of bushes got removed or moved around the map.

    But except for that it really looks nice, although they should first fix they OPremiums. Until then: “foch you WG”.


    1. Also as much as i know the maps will be changed and reworked not only to HD but also in general (gameplay wise).
      That means moving bushes, rocks and changing terrain altitudes (or how to describe it)..

      I think he was talking in general and had in mind the working parts of the maps that will remain unchanged where they really have to pay attention to all the little details.

      I say no more floating rocks at last


    2. Before I continue, let me put my tin foil hat on … Okay … So, at least to me it seems like some bushes are bugged as in not providing as much (if any) concealment as I would have expected them to give. Perhaps I am not paranoid and it’s actually the case (tin foil hat helps me to cope with it to some extent) and when they reworked maps with new graphics they simply get rid of non essential bushes that were there more for cosmetic purpose than having any impact on spotting.


  2. But they need to change all tanks to HD first, before introduce the HD maps. So mountais goats will be rekt after HD maps


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