Update 9.19: Improved Equipment and Directives

Source: EU WoT Portal

During the 9.19 Common Test, quite a few tankers put some serious work into climbing the Ranked Battles ladder to fight increasingly challenging opponents. Before the battle gets too heated (and it sure will when the Ranked Battles Beta Season kicks off), let’s take a breather to highlight how you could use the Bonds you rack up in the mode.

You can spend Bonds on Directives and Improved Equipment. Available exclusively with this currency, these new items will come in handy in Random and Ranked Battles, Clan Wars, and tournaments alike, boosting vehicle and Crew efficiency. Let’s dig deeper into the details, shall we?

Improved Equipment

Packed into 9.19 are six types of Improved Equipment. They all work like the most popular consumables, with one small yet significant difference: newly added items grant a bigger bonus to combat parameters. Also, it’s impossible to mount similar types of regular and Improved Equipment at once, e.g., you can’t equip a tank both with Rammer and Innovative Loading System. You’ve got to choose just one, when readying for a battle.

  • Venting System adds 7.5% to all crew skills
  • Stabilizing Equipment System lowers dispersion during movement and turret rotation by 25%
  • Innovative Loading System cuts loading time by 12.5%
  • Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive reduces aiming speed by 12.5%
  • Experimental Optics boosts view range by 12.5% up to 445m
  • Extended Spare Parts Kit cuts repair speed by 40%

To stock up on Improved Equipment, simply left-click the equipment slot in the Garage and pick the item you want. It’s mounted just like regular consumables, can be removed for Gold and installed at any given time and on any vehicle that can have this particular type of equipment. For example, the Venting System won’t fit on a vehicle with an open cockpit, and you can’t equip an autoloader like the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t with an Innovative Loading System.


Along with Improved Equipment, Bonds can get you special Personal Reserves called Directives: six for Equipment and another nine for Crew. Once activated, they are good for one battle. Depending on the type, they bump up vehicle combat parameters, boost Crew skills and perks you trained or temporarily enable those you haven’t trained yet. Equipment Directives increase the bonus currently mounted equipment grants to a vehicle’s parameters. Let’s say you equipped the Tank Gun Rammer, Stabilizer, and Coated Optics. The next step would be activating one out of three Directive types that go with these Equipment types.

To stock up on Directives, left-click the newly added square to the right from Consumables to open the dialogue window. Then, just left-click a slot there to go over the list of Directives, pick whichever you want, make sure you’ve enough Bonds for it, and go ahead. To prevent spending Bonds to get Directives by accident, the “Auto-resupply” option is disabled by default. Just flag it to enable auto-resupply.

Depending on the type, Improved Equipment costs from 3,000 to 5,000 Bonds, while Directives are priced at 2–12 Bonds. To put it into perspective, Bonds are rewarded at the end of each stage, with the amount you earn tied directly to the rank you’re at, as well as by the end of the Season, with the amount depending on your final standing in the leaderboard. If you finish a stage at, let’s say, Rank IV, you gain 400 Bonds. Rank III brings in 300, Rank II gives you 200, Rank V earns you 500, and finally, if you don’t make it past Rank I, you get100 Bonds. If you rank among the first 10% players on the leaderboard, you get 5,750 Bonds. Tankers who arrive among the 2nd 15%, will be credited 3,250 Bonds. Those who squeeze into the 3rd 25% earn 1,500 Bonds.

During the Ranked Battles Beta Season, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the data and community feedback around Improved Equipment and Directives. Should we see the need for it, we’ll iterate on their cost, effect, and terms of use. As always, we’ll update you on the process and explain the changes we consider making, if any.

When the Beta Season ends, the leaderboard will be reset. As for Improved Equipment, Directives, Rewards and Bonds your earn, they’ll stay with you.
Now that we’ve walked you through the list of exclusive items that can only be purchased with Bonds, it’s time to ramp up your efforts ahead of the Ranked Battles Beta. Rise through the ranks and reap as many Bonds as possible to boost your performance with Directives and Improved Equipment!

42 thoughts on “Update 9.19: Improved Equipment and Directives

  1. Personally I think it would be better if we could just be awarded with some gold instead. Players that don’t buy gold (but maybe buy premium account etc), have no way to use some features in the game such as permanent camo or crew role switch. Getting some gold each season would allow them to atleast use these features a bit.


  2. Give that shit to the Russkies and leave the others servers as they are. No one here wants nor needs that retarded bait.


      1. Check the forum announcement replies, then dare to tell me again the word “few”. 334 replies, not even 15 positive or neutral ones.

        Btw, aren’t you that guy who post crap 90% of the time? Never seen a single post worth reading from you. If you’re a troll, good job. Otherwise, please do not breed.

        Liked by 3 people

      1. Dunno about shitters.
        But here… Well.. Actually because the way WG is trying to lure people into playing costy Tier 10 is lame and über obvious. You do realize they made a brainstorming with several employees to end up agreeing it was the best idea?

        So yes, maybe that word is used too often, but pretty appropiate here. Dumbest decision for a while.


  3. how to make Ranked Battles more competitive:
    – No directives
    – No improved equipment
    – No premium ammo

    Clearly WG doesn’t understand how to make a skill based gamemode actually require skill… The people outside of RU server that actually want improved equipment and shit are by far the minority and yet they’re still going ahead with it. There really is no hope for WG, they’re a lost cause. I suggest players get out now before it gets any worse… because WG can most certainly make it worse

    Liked by 2 people

      1. thank you for repeating what I said… Congratulations, +1 to reading comprehension.

        And I’m sorry that the truth came across as a “shitty whiny attitude” to you… but it seems rather apparent that WG don’t care about the player opinion and the player opinion seems to indicate that they don’t want improved equipment…

        So I fail to see why you find the need to be a cunt


        1. “So I fail to see why you find the need to be a cunt”

          He’s afraid someone could take away his sealclubbequipment and wn8 :P
          Would suck if he had to play better than the newbies to beat em.

          Liked by 3 people

  4. I would rather have to face a Defender with 2 guns in it’s turret then unicums with improved equipment.
    This is the dumbest decision WG has ever made.
    Allowing the improved equipment to be used in random games is despicable.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Naaaa, I like annoying fuckers like you.
        Unfortunately I never get spoken to like that to my face, only brave keyboard warriors do it.
        Just once, I want to meet someone that does what you do IRL.


  5. Equipment, sure. Directives? Nope. That’s just gonna ruin it more. Imagine camo directive, snap shot etc, improved rammer & optics on a Type 64. Yeah that will fix it. Issue is that most HAVE to play the new mode to be competitive in randoms, even if they hate tier X or hate the game mode. And in 9.20 you can buy crew skill directives for gold. I’m sure of it.


  6. we’ll see how it goes. Imagine people will play it initially get one set of equipment then call it a day. No need to grind more just remove it and transfer between tanks.

    Give it 6 months and it’ll be on sale in a bundle on the shop

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am not a great player and have pretty poor stats in my Tier 10 tanks. I dont expect to do very well in ranked battles.

    However, I will have a go so I can earn bonds for the special equipment.. That is the lure that will make people want to play

    For average players, it will likely be a very rage inducing competition to play in, without the lure of the special equipment, many like me would not even bother.


  8. wg really cross the line with this. now they kill fairplay. everybody know how they rig battles with mm and rng now this will add salt and paper with op prem tanks spam. i am also know sandbox.. and even clearly failed tests count as sucsess by wg. what ever people write at forums. wot wg last chash cow. they will suck all blood from game veins until nothing left.


  9. Really tired of reading shit from drstrangepork23 and wot121
    Can you guys even give a valid point for the equipment or are you just trolling around all day?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I just love how they didn’t bother with the naming of the new equipement, let’s just put there some adjectives like “innovative” or “experimental” and call it a day.

    Still can’t understand why WG wants to enlarge the gap between normal and good players.

    Having this in random will mean some tanks are more equal than others and also player stats will be flawed as tanks can be really pimped now.


  11. I’m really not sure about this improved equipment and directives. On one hand I think that the bonus you get from using it is not really that big, but on the other hand it will reflect really badly in lower tiers. I can already see players pimping out their t67s and such and causing even more imbalance in lower tiers. New players have a rough time as is and with these changes it will make things even worse.

    I would like to see this equipment and directives restricted to tier 10 tanks (maybe tier 9), because I dont think it would make that much of a difference there.

    Also can someone clarify something about that natural cover directive – does it give flat 10% bonus to cammo (like giving a tank with 25% stationary cammo 35% cammo) or does it give a 10% boost on a given cammo value (so from 25% to 27,5%). Because if the first case is true this is exactly the reason why I dont think it should be allowed in lower tiers.


  12. Actually I think it is not a bad idea!
    There is a lot of interest for the unicums to get that 2,5% better equipment.
    So, the unicums will disappear from randoms for a long time. That will make randoms easier for normal players like me.


  13. And when they come back? And dont forget that not only the best players will attempt this, most will fail to do anything but some will get enough bonds to get something out of them. Again, I see more problems coming in form of players playing something like e25 all the time. I dont think they will resist getting improved equipment to make their statpadding machines a bit more broken…


  14. Just presume (for example T5) :

    A newby: 75% Crew (if not 50%)
    picks Ikv 103
    75% Crew (if not 50%)
    (hasn’t had enough money yet for equipment)
    NO vents,
    NO food
    NO equipment
    NO Improved Equipment
    NO Directives

    A unicum player:
    picks T67
    500% crew
    Improved Equipment
    Result?: I don’t even want to know.

    I know it’s a extreme example and
    yes the Newby never stood a chance in the first place. But this is getting more and more insane and unfair.

    Result: IKV with Derp doesn’t hit T67 one single time and dies.
    A) because he never spotted T67 anyway
    B) because howitzer would’ve missed anyway or shot would be too slow



    1. I get what your saying, but I don’t think the players who will get the equipment will use them on a tier 5 sealclubber. They will rather use it on their clanwars vehicles. And even if they choose to use it to sealclub, it isn’t gonna change that much. In the example you gave, the sealclubber would have murdered the IKV without taking damage anyway, even without the equipment.

      But yeah, it’s still wrong.


    2. I actually have a T67 with 500% crew.
      I have played it last three months ago when I needed to complete a mission .
      As you say, newbies never had a chance. With or without special equipment.
      so, it does not make a difference. ..
      I still think it is better to have unicums drawn to ranked battles than having them i randoms. And I do not believe that the extra 2,5% can make a difference if a noob faces a unicum with 500% crew. Likewise, I do not think unicums find so much joy seal clubbing noobs. They need something more to prove their skill so ranked battles is interesting enough and includes rewards worthwhile fighting for.
      Time will tell….

      Now that comment about the e25 raised my interest – I think I will play ranked battles (500%crew already) XD


  15. The idea of having improved equipment is wrong, but I don’t think it’s going to have any big impact on the game. Not many people are going to have this, you need a lot of time and you need to be a good player to get that equipment, so maybe 10% of the WoT population will be getting it. And those are the guys who will mostly outplay you anyway, even without the equipment.

    It’s like shooting HEAT at a Leopard. The idea of someone shooting my Leo with gold is frustrating, but it would have gone in anyway, so it doesn’t really change a thing.


  16. …MAKE good players even better and give all the new buffs to Unicums@co., so the MM will be even more off the balance…amazing idea, amazing…I must admit, WG rly knows how to f* up its own game…


  17. Improved EQ and directives both improving combat stats…… yep probably tied with gold rounds for the dumbest idea ever from wargaming, and thats saying something given the rather extensive list were talking about here…..


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