9.19 Coming Tomorrow on RU

As mentioned before, on May 30, version 9.19 will be released on the RU server.

RU portal info:

Update 9.19 will be available on May 30! Game servers and the clan portal will be unavailable from 3:00 to 10:00 (MSK).

What’s New:

– Ranked battles
– Advanced equipment and pre-combat instructions
– Interface changes
– Some improvements and changes

* Players who have a premium account or other temporary services (for example, camouflage) active at the time of the technical works will be compensated for the premium account day and / or the day of using the services starting from May 30 from 3:00 (MSK) according to the rules.


30 thoughts on “9.19 Coming Tomorrow on RU

  1. I don’t understand:

    “– The first season of Ranked Battles will start on July 5th on the RU server and will last about a month;”

    so they will keep so long 9.19 version live? Regarding last update, it wasn’t longer than month.


  2. Apparently russian server liked ranked equips, like they liked positively Crysler K. WE can thanks low IQ russian community for the game going to shit


      1. Maybe because they aren’t used to be treated well by companies. In western Europe, the customer is king. If we pay a company, we expect that company to do a good job. That’s how capitalism works.

        They still don’t get that in RU and especially in Belorussia, which still is not a democracy today.


  3. Im not a fan of the super imroved equipment for the top players…seems ridiculous to use ressources on in the first place


    1. but now in 9.19 top players will be able to spend their new bonds on new “one-game-only directives”, one of which is “Improved Focus” which makes 6th Sense trigger a second earlier anyway. Why give all players that same skill when they can give it to the elite players to help them beat new/average players even easier?


        1. not everyone can play teir 10 all the time as a F2P account….i barly make anything at teir 8 at 9-10 i basicly lose money every match…low teirs arnt fun the tanks i want to run are high teirs so basicly im forced to eather play tanks i have 0 interest in or dont play the game

          (an this is coming from someone who barely makes enough money to pay rent/food/internet/adding abit of money to savings aka min wage trying to get job experience an money for school an higher paying jobs.)

          Liked by 1 person

  4. why was the “japanese heavy line rework” article removed? has censorship reached TAP? will it be re-written?


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