WoT – 6th Most Profitable PC Game in April 2017

SuperData (a company engaged in the monitoring and study of the video games market) has finally presented the monthly statistics about the most profitable games in April 2017. World of Tanks loses 1 place (from 5 to 6), compared with the previous month. The new TOP 10 game – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, almost overtaking WoT, earned only in April about $34 million. PUBG shows excellent results so far. Check out the pic below.


12 thoughts on “WoT – 6th Most Profitable PC Game in April 2017

  1. Expect WoT to keep dropping until WG puts an end to their pay2win and no-fucks-to-give policy.
    And judging by the stream Q&A with the two devs ; this wont happen anytime soon.

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  2. really? Player Unknown Battlegrounds jumped to 7th in only 2 months? ahead of CS, WoW and Overwatch? impressive


      1. yes it is, but recently there are so many survival/battle royale shooters that you would expect sales to be more devided


  3. I wonder how much they make on WoWs and how many players it has globally. Weird they treat two WoW servers as separate, however. It is one game, the revenue flows to the same company.


  4. 6th most profitable game, that’s clearly a fake stat, since the game is apparently dying since last year

    @comments above: so being 6th most profitable game out of hundreds of MMO’s, especially considering that the game is not popular on 2 big markets (Asia and NA) and relatively good F2P model (even through all the p2w whine WoT is still one of the least p2w games on the market, just take a look at Korean/Chinese/Japanese MMO’s FFS) is a bad achievement?

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    1. “even through all the p2w whine WoT is still one of the least p2w games on the market”
      true, and if we specify to the war-games genre there are some which are light-years ahead WoT in the p2w business
      the most obvious is probably Heroes&Generals which allows you to buy top tier recruits and equipment while the “f2p” is almost impossible just so that those who pay them can feast in the helpless new players, there is no hope when you fight a “wallet-warrior” armed with a Stg44 while you only have the most basic semi-auto rifle (it is even worse since you have to grind modifications to you weapons, like barrels and ammo), and guess what, those who buy their way to the top can come against you with aircraft or tank while many times you don’t even have a fixed AA, AT or RPG to stop the slaughter
      that game even allows things like only one team have tanks or planes, planes are specially capable of dictating the outcome since infantry has nothing to stop it

      another game that is moving to p2w is WT, I say this as a player who enjoys the game but cannot understand certain balance decisions and “mechanics” in the game, giving the IS-6 the same “MM weight” (battle rating, BR) as a Pershing (normal with 90mm M3) or T29 (although I think T29 should be raised) just to sell it as premium is ridiculous, normally it had to be at the same level as the IS-3
      or having the best japanese prop as a premium when the research tree needed a higg-speed prop to counter other nations and link the grind

      still what I think is the most p2w in WT is the crew system, with a bought crew you are potentially looking at a tank with at least 3~5 sec bonus reload compared to the base reload with a basic crew, furthermore they said to be “simplifying” the system when in fact the total number of points increased by far and with it the grind and unfair advantage to some players

      as an example I had a bomber crew for american aircraft with 5~6 gunners, to get the next level I needed 480 points, after the crew rework that changed to over 600 points, but what makes it even more evident is that you need a lot of money to buy a maxed out crew
      I can’t check it now since I sent my pc to repair last week but I believe 100Ge gives you 1000 points, that is barely enough to raise a couple crew members to level 1 (there’s a driver, gunner, commander, loader, radio-operator/gunner and “ground services” tab per crew, loader/gunner tab work for all loaders/gunners in the tank)
      I have not calculated exactly how much but it should be around 10~15 Euros just to make every member level 5, then you have to pay extra GE to raise it past level 5 (level 5 T32 gets 3.8 shots per min while the “expert” bonus gets 4) which might make it close to 20 Euros, the price of a tier 6 premium in WoT


        1. I see them either as:
          – mediocre to subpar players, who, instead of trying to look at themselves, cry how game is p2w, how unicums are selfish players and camp, how they cheat, how gold is gamebreaking and they happen to love heavies, and when playing mediums/lights they don’t use gold so their performance is hampered compared to people that do etc. (you get the idea)

          – people that are burnt out/flat out don’t enjoy the game, but can’t really stop so they overexaggerate everything, trying to find a reason to quit, respectively they quit and use this as confirmation that their decision was correct


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