MSI & Wargaming Collaboration

MSI and Wargaming will release an exclusive gaming laptop named GP62M World of Tanks Edition in a limited amount of 5000 units. The visible parts of the device show the famous Soviet IS-2 heavy tank. The laptop is a reskinned 15.6-inch MSI GP62M laptop for gaming purposes.

The MSI GP62M World of Tanks Edition will go on sale in June 2017. As a bonus when buying the laptop, players will get the IS-2 tank, 2000 gold and 60 days of premium account. More details about the price of the device and more detailed features are promised to be revealed later on, most likely when the laptop hits the shelves.

Remember that this is not the first joint project from MSI and Wargaming. In 2011, the company introduced its first limited edition laptop – MSI GE620DX T-34 Limited Edition, which received its name in honor of the well-known tank.


12 thoughts on “MSI & Wargaming Collaboration

  1. They make an entire laptop for the purpose of milking WoT players and they only give some shitty tier 7 prem, some gold and prem days to it?
    The cashgrab is strong with this one!


      1. In the words of some idiot on the general chat on EU: Wargager evil company, never listen to player, player is shit, MM is shit, even shit is shit.

        Clearly not the type of guy, who this product can be addressed to. As for the notebook, I think a leopard tank would be better, as the notebook is also a leopard


  2. congratz! now you can buy a laptop and be eternally shamed of the game you played once.

    every time someone sees your laptop. they’ll be reminded that your one of the masochists that let a russian game studio beat your ass red as they stole your money.

    seriously……this might be nice if WoT was in better shape right now…but in its current state, its a mark of shame


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