New author wants to say hi

Hello, I am new author here! I am Leggasiini and I am very excited to join The Armored Patrol’s crew after being a long-time reader and fan. I will post mostly WoT related things, such as new line proposals or rework proposals to existing lines.

I have already plans of writing about many problems of Japanese heavies and how the line would be reworked and fixed, as well as three part proposal of Japanese tank destroyer line.

Hopefully you can accept me…please? :^)

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38 thoughts on “New author wants to say hi

          1. Once? Have you seen the fakes he wrote on the French section of WG forum. I’m also not enjoying to see him here. Regards.


            1. Its not me that spreaded them there.

              Once someone (monkeymaddness i think) made a proposal of TOG line, and i just made Chieftain – TOG hybrid as what i thought to be an obvious joke. However, he thought it was real – and he started spreading it everywhere.

              And they are back from late 2015 – early 2016.

              I hope i can fix my damaged reputation somehow…


  1. Hello Leggasiini
    I wish you good luck.
    I would be happy to help you making proposals for the french tree (heavy tanks, super heavy tanks and much more)
    Your fake super heavy line was a nice try but not really realistic, I wish wargaming introduce it in the future.


    1. I didnt try to make the line very logical, anyways. I added FCM F1 to tier 8 with joke as mind “WG HAS THROWN HISTORICAL ACCURACY OUT OF WINDOW ANYWAY HURR DURR”, even though with historical specs FCM F1 is like tier 6 material.

      It was just meant to be joke on Wotlabs but it ended up spreading to these blogs. After it reached Russian sites and some youtubers even making content from it, I decided way too much is way too much and decided to tell the truth.

      I was planning on writing about French super-heavies at some point, anyways, so I would appreciate help with French tech tree (heavy lines especially).


      1. but both WG and Yuri P. have been for a long time saying a super-heavy line is possible, WG said it in 2014/15 in a ASAP video (same for soviet and american trees) and Yuri P. in late 2015~early 2016
        even if your “leak” was a “provocation” to make them start moving (it generated some sort of hype, now they are sure french super-heavies are marketable) it does not change the fact they already have all the data needed for it but still haven’t done it


            1. Yea tier 7 or 8 max with multi-turrets multi-guns design from 1940 and before but after there is still really good armored stuff but more classic, for example one of the AMX M4 49 variant has 370mm armor thickness so even more effective on the upper plate of the hull.


  2. about the heavy line rework, are you aware of the evidence found by David Lister about a few rather unknown heavies?


    1. Yes.

      I am eagerly waiting for Lister releasing the book that will contain them.

      Adding those to midtiers is part of the rework.


  3. I today unlocked the derp gunon my type 4 and it was useless !! Like dealing 100+-300 DMG to heavy tanks at same tier and higher tier I have gold shells like 13 of them I don’t want to use em since 23k credits can’t cut it’s price I would really like if WG buffed the derp standard shells 1500 with 85mm of penetration and premium Shell’s 1200Dmg with a penetration of 103mm

    Also I have never pressed the two key since I play with standard and not those people whom platoon and spam APCR heat all time I guess there that rich throwing money at the fire I could be wrong thou


    1. “1500 with 85mm of penetration”

      That would be even better than gold shells which already do too much damage for derp gun.

      Id consider no derp gun option at all on Type 4/5. There is something else for them, instead.


  4. Mixed feelings about quality – But Lega is a solid contributor of quantity… Looking forward to see how the articles will be 😎 Good luck


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