WoWS Q&A – 23rd May 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU

The second Clash of the Servers tournament should be announced this week. The previous time EU won agaist RU, and was fun to watch, at least for me.

This info is from RU forum: http://forum.worldof…77#entry3528977

Recap by getfun from a recent meeting with the developers in Samara:


1. Version 0.6.5 got balanced by nations reworked. Have you noticed?

2. Carrier controls will be reworked in the future. Players suggested a unified attack mode instead of an automatic or a manual drop, but one that leave a role for player’s skill.

3. Manual control of the secondaries will stay as is.

4. Kiev and Tashkent are correctly tiered.

5. The mini-map will get the radius of the radar and that of the AA aura.

6. Personal offers will include elements of a tutorial. A first version of this is already in game and available to some beginners.

7. The medium term (next few patches) we see some PvE missions for clans.

8. A tournament functionality is coming in winter, possible with an Attack and Defence type of scenarios.

9. Version 0.6.6 may see a buff of Hydroacoustic Search for Lo Yang, Yugumo may get Shimakaze’s torpedoes, Nürnberg may get 360 degree rotation of the rear turret, and all German cruisers get a buff on penetration with HE.

10. No changes are planned for Grozovoi, her performance is being watched.

11. On average, twice as many battles where played during the Clash of the Elements event than before.

12. Official training room and replay functionalities are not immediately forthcoming. The people are busy developing other things.

13. In the summer will see changes to Quick Commands in chat.

14. The split of the US cruiser tree will definitely not occur this year.

15. The Russian/Soviet battleships are definitely not coming this year.

16. Smoke, shot and splinter/parts tearing off visual effects are being reworked.

17. Many players have purchased the top Hood bundle. Perhaps in the future, all bundles containing the same ship will be sold simultaneously.

18. The AA rockets of Hood are not the new type of weapon announced last year. This new type of weapon in being tested on the super test.

19. The next rank season will probably be on tier 6.

P.S: The new RU forum has been launched today. Will we see similar changes on other clusters?