WG EU: Official statement on the SirFoch incident

Dear Commanders,

We have further reviewed the incident of last Friday involving SirFoch and his “Chrysler K GF rant” video, and know we could have handled the situation a lot better. We strongly support our players’, including our Community Contributors’, right to speak critically about us and our games. We acted too quickly and over the line when we threatened to have YouTube remove SirFoch’s video through a copyright infringement complaint and we are apologizing for that.

We’re committed to doing a better job on this front. We’re going to improve the way we communicate with our Community and our Community Contributors, and as part of that effort we will work with them on more detailed, specific guidelines to help ensure incidents like this don’t happen again.

Our official position is that Wargaming will not take copyright action against opinions based on our publicly released content.

Over the weekend we released a statement to some media outlets regarding the content of SirFoch’s video that inferred that SirFoch’s videos contained hate speech and homophobia. While we would obviously not want such content to be associated with any of our games – this video clearly did not. We apologize for this statement, and we don’t stand behind those claims.

We love our players and our contributors – and we appreciate their honesty and commitment – we are committed to using this incident to grow and improve.


20 thoughts on “WG EU: Official statement on the SirFoch incident

  1. I wonder if WG in general is going to have all their offices say the same thing at some point, or if they want each WG region to contradict each other more. (ref. WG NA Kotaku comment)


      1. heads will probably roll, the kind of reassignments that are in fact demotions but they want to expose it publicly, afterall they want to pass it as miscomunication between offices
        the damage to the company image is done, how to quantify it only WG can tell, and that is too serious for the guys involved (Ph3lan and whoever wrote WGNA statement) remain unpunished


    1. Looks like the beef is over between them as well.


      1. won’t be completely over yet because some people will still exploit it for views (the ones who are more “offended” than SirFoch himself), but once everyone sees SirFoch and WG back in “good terms” it will die soon
        since summer and vacations are near it will help forget it, by july most players will not care anymore

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        1. btw it is not only youtubers who exploit it, gaijin as well with a few “lapdogs” they have on youtube and twitch, this despite the whole incident with that russian youtuber which at some points rumors were spread of a WG spy causing it, silly excuse from a company that at some point hired someone who was publicaly against WG

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    1. Jingles explained in his video that the day Fochgate happened he talked with Florian on Skype who immediately started to make an apology but it had to go trough the legal department which took some time.


      1. I don’t mean that. They should have immediatly apolgized after the incident. Instead they gave an half-assed answer for 2 days then someone poured gas on it before they got their shit together.


    1. You think NA is any better then them? Look at what they had done this time, and you know what are the definition of stupid


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