MilkyM4n’s Slight Chrysler K GF Skin Mod

Link to download


22 thoughts on “MilkyM4n’s Slight Chrysler K GF Skin Mod

  1. Like god damm all WG EU had to do was not threaten a youtuber and this would have all been tuck under the rug. But nope they threaten him and now WG EU is bringing shame to all the other servers and WG as a whole. As jingles would say “WG you so silly.” and “Don’t ever change :).”

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    1. well, maybe it will help pressure WG to stop releasing tier 8 premiums.
      Whatever your opinion on SirFoch, recent tier 8 premium flooding really unhealthy.

      And now Jim Sterling has voiced his opinion on this debacle, this won’t end easily in WG favor.


      1. Except some nations have very few t8 premiums, like the British. They only have one while nations like the US, France, and Soviets have at least 6.

        They make the best crew trainers and earn the most credits,there is no reason each nation cant have a relatively even number of premium options.

        I will be very pissed off if this stupid circus event screws over the British tech tree even more then it already is.

        So they better not stop releasing premiums, until they even out the playing field a bit.


        1. Or at least make it not blatantly better than its tier 8 counterpart, especially from German-US-Russia line.


  2. Respect to milky M4,I use his skins,they are absolutely beautiful and this just makes me laugh,good one buddy,


  3. I suggest the remove the WG Ports from the Skin as they are not exisiting in the modell as weakspots either ………. :-P


  4. Oh boy, i should not write when im still sleepy ….

    I suggest to remove the MG ports from the skin as they are not existing in the modell as weakspots either……


    1. How about both of them, I mean both MG and WG. jk
      Btw I am with you, that MG ports as well as those MG turrets on both side under the main turret should go. It will be nice if someone can make this.


      1. Ahahah, love this this one ! Yeah, It would be nice to have those MG on the bottom side of the hull removed since they are not in the hitbox!


  5. All this brouhaha over nothing…
    If I were WG I’d release 500mm all around no weak spots box tank just out of spite.

    Good thing I’m not in a position to make that come true.


    1. Would it be tier I with +1000% credit profit ratio, 800mm pen premium ammo and 40% camo on the move?

      Unless not i’m not interested :D


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