New WoT Glitch Spotted

The original poster of this glitch on the forums got banned for 30 days for „naming and shaming” his platoon mate (!) according to Krugg_Keel.

Original description of the bug:

„My friend got stuck outside the redline after running into the redline right along the coordinates he’s at (5k-ish is where he broke out) while eating some food. His tank did a spasm after he hit the edge of the map and flung him a couple feet outwards out of the redline and gave him full coverage of the outside of the map”


14 thoughts on “New WoT Glitch Spotted

  1. how can you get banned for “naming and shaming” with that description. If that is the only thing he said regarding his friend the ban is not justified :D


  2. They are banning people for reporting glitches now? That’s something that should be encouraged and not a thing they can be punished for. It’s like WG are working as hard as they can to get more people to hate ’em.

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  3. So.. anyone been able to replicate it? As it’s not a “glitch exploit” if it’s a one hit wonder. Thus nothing to worry about. If you can easily replicate it. Well…


    1. Actually posting player named by anyone except wargaming employees falls under the naming and shaming rule which forbids players to show names in their forum posts. Anyone who does not understand that and keeps saying stuff like “now they are banning you for reporting glitches” is a total retard. It’s a forum rule. Respect it or get hammered.


      1. The only name shown in the screenshot is the name of the person who TOOK the screenshot and his platoonmate posted it on the forum for him, atleast to my understanding that is the case, as it is shown from the batchat who broke out of the map’s point of view and not the other person’s. No other names are shown, the tank names are set instead of player names for the scoreboard so I don’t see that being a very strong argument at all.


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