WoWS: TAP Insider News (19-V-2017)

As of this patch, all supertesters will be allowed to make videos and do livestreaming of Production Ships (Live server, not ST server).
Here are the rules they need to follow:

Within the first 5 to 10 seconds of your video, you need to announce:
-This is a Work in Progress
-Stats are not final
-Gameplay is not final
-You also need to have the Work in Progress Sticker showing throughout your video and throughout your livestream.
-All videos are to be submitted to WG personnel before Public Release

Any breach of these rules will be considered a breach of NDA. For those not doing streaming or videos, normal rules apply ingame, you are not to speak about the ships you are testing (well, not yet anyway, we don’t have instructions yet)

Other news:

-No stats change for HSF Graf Spee, saved for her permanent camouflage which provides 100% extra free experience earned in a battle.
-Admiral Markarov is a Russian free ship (Seb: they will get it in a marathon most likely). For other servers, it may be sold just like Krasny Krym.